The Importance of Short Stories

January 19, 2011

Up until just recently, I was never much of a fan for writing short stories. I always thought I could investing my time into something else, like my novel.

But recently, I’ve come to realise just how important short stories are. In my opinion, short stories are a great way to experiment and try out new things. They’re short with simple plots, and the time you invest in them is minimum. That means that you can practice your skills before applying it to something major.

What are your thoughts on short stories?


When Writing Becomes Work

January 17, 2011

I’ve always enjoyed creating. I’ve always enjoyed writing. When I was younger, I would write for fun. That’s why I’ve never really revised anything before.

But this revision is not fun. It’s starting to become work. Sometimes, I have to sit down and force myself to work on the revision.

Lately though, I’ve been working on a short story. It’s a little different from my usual work; my WIP, and what I usually read, are thrillers, while this short story is a murder mystery – a genre I haven’t written in (or read) for a while.

I’m having lots of fun writing this. I’ve had the idea for a while, but never really did anything about it until now. The details came as I wrote it. Originally I was going to have a team of detectives, but when I started writing, I decided on just one detective, plus her sidekick.

Tell me, in the comments: what do you do when writing becomes work?

New Year, New Font, New Passion

January 10, 2011

I’ve always used to Times New Roman to type. Always. I’ve never even considered using anything else to type.

But, this year, I spontaneously decided to change the font of my WIP to Georgia… and I love it! Ever since changing, I’ve had a renewed passion for writing, and the words are just flowing out onto the page. I’m easily going over my daily 250 words which I try to write each day, in record time! (It can usually take half an hour to get my 250 words. I haven’t timed myself in Georgia font, but it doesn’t feel like 30 minutes).

What font do you use to write?

Writing Update

December 20, 2010

I’ve been pretty much absent for about a month, so I thought I’d give you an update on my writing.

I’m making slow progress with the revisions on my WIP, but I’ve finished the read through an decided my chapters are too big. I’ve decided to cut them all and half, and right now, I’m writing a new beginning, but then I’ll be going through each chapter and making alterations as per the notes I took in the read through.

I’m writing an action scene in chapter Three, which I’m struggling with. Writing this chapter has really become work.

I’ve also been reading lots more since school ended. I’ve got four more novels reserved at my local library and with Christmas around the corner, I’ll have stacks more. The latest novel I’ve read, Crusader Gold, has been a bit of a dud. I felt it was 300 pages of dialogue and info dumping, and no sense of an antag until 100 pages in. Even then, the protagonists didn’t meet him until the last quarter. I was really disappointed because the first book was good, and there aren’t too many archaeological thrillers out there, so I have to take what I can get.

How has your month been, reading and writing wise?

Nearly There

November 12, 2010

Things are really coming along with the read through of my WIP. Just in the last few days, I’ve gone over five chapters, more than I’ve done in the last month! I’m over half way through the read over now.

I’ve effectively finished school now. For. Ever. (Really scary), as I’ve finished all my assessment. Next week, I have a few days of what Education Queensland calls ‘alternate program’, then graduation.

I’ve made it my goal to finish the read over before I finish school. With all this free time I know have, I’m spending a lot more time with my novel and should complete the goal before the end of next week.

Wish me luck!

Revision Blues

November 5, 2010
  • My chapters are too long. They need to be cut in half. This would also probably make me move quicker in my revision, as I think I’m much more likely to work if I can do it one chapter at a time.
  • Smaller chapters = less time needed to revise = able to find more time = done quicker
  • When I wrote the chapter I had NO idea on correct apostrophe use. GAH!
  • Oh-my-god-how-can-I-only-be-reading-chapter-nine-when-I-started-reading-over-in-july?
  • Exam Block begins today. There goes any chance of editing for the next week.

How are you going with your novel?

Getting the Idea

October 27, 2010

As I said on Monday, I recently found some work I did in Year Four, on the topic of authors. On Monday, I shared with you what a good author looks like, and today I’m going to share a few more notes from my Year Four work. In this post, I’ll be looking at some ways we can find ideas if Writers Block strikes (which stems from how authors get their ideas).

Interview People: Talk to your friends, your family, etc, and learn about any adventures they may have had. Even a small tale they’ve had might spark an idea.

Watch People: This is fun to do. Watch  people think about what they might be talking about. Look at their actions. Try and write a story about their conversation.

Real Life Events: Remember that time you… Even mundane  events in your life could spark a bit of inspiration.

Art: Paintings can be inspiring. You may remember how I planned on writing some short stories based off a picture. I’ll get to it one day. Look at a picture, and try to imaging what could be happening in it.

Eavesdropping: I’m the self-acclaimed King of Eavesdropping. I do it all the time. I can’t help it. Particularly on the bus. People seem to like to recount their adventures from the weekend, and I listen.