About Little Scribbler

Little Scribbler is the pen name of a teenaged author living near Brisbane, Australia. As a child, Little Scribbler moved frequently around the country, and visited overseas countries often. As a result, Little Scribbler has a passion for travelling, and has combined this passion with his passions for ancient history and creative writing to create an action thriller novel titled Poseidon’s Trident, which spans the globe in search of an ancient and powerful weapon.

Little Scribbler has always held a strong passion for story-telling. Even as a young boy, he often dictated stories to his mother, who then wrote them down. It was not until he reached his teenage years that  he began to take creative writing seriously, writing a novella of about 24 000 words, titled ‘An Inside Job’ in 2005.

Little Scribbler lives near Brisbane, in Australia. His favourite pastimes, apart from creative writing, include reading, playing sport, and hanging out with friends.

Gender: Male
Age: 17
Star Sign: Pisces

What’s in a Name?
I’m sure many people wonder about my name. Well, Little refers, not only to the fact I am young, but also that (and my friends never let me forget it) I’m quite short. Scribbler is a slang term for writer (not someone who writes messily =)


2 Responses to About Little Scribbler

  1. Wow, Little Scribbler – reminds me of myself at 16: Piscean, living in Brisbane, desperate to be a writer. I’m known affectionately as the redheaded Piscean freak in my family and my stepfather is the grey-haired piscean freak – notice a theme here? From one Piscean freak to another don’t ever change, we’re a precious breed.

  2. Really interesting site. I look forward to perusing your writings. Great to see someone else starting their penmanship so young.

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