It’s Time for a Sequel

I’m back!

(Kind of.)

Sorry for my absence, it was a bit longer a lot longer than I expected. A lot’s changed since I last posted. I still don’t have a job (I’m not that disappointed though), but all is going well with university. I finally have my driver’s licence (fourth time lucky) and I’m stress free (except for the looming exams).

When I last posted, I was hard at work editing my WIP, Poseidon’s Trident. In my break though, I discovered that there were just too many things wrong with it. I would have scrapped it, but I think it has potential. Therefore, I’m going to give it a re-write. A major re-write. But first, I need to give myself some space from it, so I’ve started working on a new project – my third novel! Woo!

In my absence, I’ve also decided to make the switch to Blogger… and reveal my identity.


New blog. New name. Same old funny self. (you guys do think I’m funny, right?)

Come on over and visit me at my new blog:

 Don’t forget, if you have me down on your blogroll, don’t forget to update it! I can’t wait to see you in my new home.

Thanks for reading!


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