Writing Theme Song

Recently, I was thinking about theme songs for our writing. If my WIP had a theme song, it would be Puretone’s Addicted to Bass.

It’s a really old song, released in 1998, and I  first heard it on the radio in the early 2000’s. I doubt it was very popular, but Wikipedia states it reached the Top 20 charts in Australia during the year of release. When I heard Addicted to Bass, I was instantly reminded of my WIP, which was in a very different form to what it is now. Sadly at the time, I didn’t know what the song was called.

Over the next  few years, I heard it every now and again, maybe once every two years. Just enough for me to remember a few lines. Whenever I heard it, I would always try to listen to the ending, in case the radio host would name the mysterious song. They never did.

Then, a few years ago, I heard it on the radio once more. I was older, and knew how to use the internet to find what I wanted, so I listened to the chorus, and managed to pick up a few key phrases.

“Your bass line, shooting up my spine…”

“I’m totally addicted to bass…”

And so, I began searching furiously for the song. I Googled every line I could remember from the song, and combinations of them all. No luck.

I didn’t stop trying, and every now and again I would be reminded of the song (although I didn’t hear it again), and try Googling all the lines. A few months ago, I typed in the right keywords, and… I found it!

I listened to the song on the internet, hoping I had found it… Then, I heard a few key phrases from the chorus.

“Your bass line, shooting up my spine…”

“I’m totally addicted to bass…”

I admit, the song isn’t that good. My memory seems to have altered it to make it sound better than what it actually was. But, I still listen to it every now and again, primarily for the beat, and it still makes my think of my WIP.

Tell me, in the comments: do you have a theme song for your WIP?

I’m going on holidays from Saturday, but I’ll be back on Sunday 3 October with an interview from Cassandra Jade, as she stops on my blog as part of her blog tour.


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