A Quick Update

I’ve been busy these last few weeks, and I’ve had to prioritise everything. And I mean, EVERYTHING. School has to take top priority (a cruel world, I know).

I’m entering a short story comp at school, so I’ve been writing a 500 word short for it. Because there’s a time constraint, ie the due date, its taken a priority over my WIP.

While I discussing my WIP, its taken a backseat recently. I’m still reading over it, but I’m nearly there. (Alright, that’s a lie. I’m nowhere near finishing the read over) I also have a few other short stories I’d like to write, but who knows when I’ll get to them. I still have some half-written shorts to complete.

Blogging comes in down here as a priority. Even as I write this, there’s a test I could be studying for (but I’m taking a “break”. You know, those ones that are longer than the actual studying? Yeah. That break).

In last position is my social life. I forgot to feed it. It died.

How are you going with your writing?


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