Going Through My Mind

1.  School, school, school: So many assignments, so little time. Right now, I’m working on a fifteen minute speech on ancient literature in Greece, Persia, and China. I love history, but this not fun. This is boring. I also have an English feature article to write by Friday, a maths exam to study for, also by Friday, and two other assignments due next week.

2.  Mental Procrastination: Why am I writing this post if I have so much to do? I’m procrastinating like I’ve never procrastinated before. I’ve been sitting at my computer for about an hour, and school wise, I’ve got… nothing. I did some research into Greek drama (which has so far turned up no results), but then my internet time branched off into You tube (book trailers, other miscellaneous crap, etc) and Wikipedia, where I was reading up on action heroes (because I’m weird like that). Heck, I’m even writing this and thinking up more posts.

3.  Writing: I’m dying to keep editing my WIP, virtual dust is gathering on my computer documents. I want to write a new fight scene (a ninja-type one), make changes to the MC, and just keep working in general.

4.  Book Trailer: What would my book trailer look like? I imagine one with lots of action and animation. In my head, the book trailer kinda looks like a movie trailer. The real thing will never look like that.

5.  Writing Comp: There’s a writing competition for my school magazine. 600 words. Due last day of term 3. That’s about a month away. I’ve got nothing. No ideas. With all this school work, how on earth am I going to get it written?

6.  School, school, school:
I’ve already written about this. But it’s a big one.

7.  TBR Pile: Local library = no need to buy books = no need to have a physical TBR pile by my bed. I tried recording the books I want on the library website, but it keeps deleting them. -_- Now I can’t remember all the books I wanted. Double    -_-

8.  Chocolate: I want chocolate. I’m craving for chocolate. Just writing about it makes me want it. Nice, brown, chocolaty chocolate… But, I do not have any chocolate. This is not good.

That’s a look into what’s whirling around in my head. As you can see, it’s pretty crowded in there. I’ve trying to draw Thoughts 1 and 6 out with a promise of chocolate. But it isn’t working. They know I don’t have any.


One Response to Going Through My Mind

  1. Mia says:

    Your life sounds like mine at the moment. Busy, rushed, and HELP, I NEED CHOCOLATE!

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