Putting the Book Down

I’m reading a book at the moment (Golden Serpent, by Mark Abernethy), and I’m not enjoying it. I don’t feel as though I know/care about the characters, and the plot is so-so. But what is really irking me is the writing itself. There’s just something about the prose that I don’t like. My inner editor says that the book is badly written.

I’ve been reading the book for over a week now, yet I’m barely 100 pages in. Reading the book has become a chore.

So, my question to you: When do you put the book down? If you’re really not enjoying it, what do you do? Put it down as soon as you begin to dislike it? Read the first 100 pages before putting it down? Or do you toughen up and get through the book?


7 Responses to Putting the Book Down

  1. I usually get to about the hundred page mark before I give up. It seems to be the stage where I’ve decided that I have given the novel enough time to grab me and to settle down into the story and if it hasn’t done these things I give it away. That isn’t to say I haven’t read some books all the way through that I hated every minute of. Some I knew were going to be bad but there was a question posed early on that I had to know the answer to even if it took all month of me procrastinating about reading to finally get to the end of it.
    I realise that as my time is getting shorter with work and writing commitments, my tolerance for reading books that aren’t grabbing me is getting lower. I’ve given more books away earlier than I used to. There are too many other books waiting to be read that might just suit my interests more.

  2. Cassandra: You’re right about there being other books to read. There are so many out there, and it doesn’t help with not having lots of time. This book is the second I’ve given the flick to. Hopefully, I’ll come back to it (and its two sequels) one day.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Merrilee says:

    I’m 12 pages into a book by a prominent author, and I have no plans to finish it. It’s dreadful. So yeah, put the book down and go read something interesting.

  4. a.m.harte says:

    I tend to give a boo around 3 chapters. If I’m finding it painful, I don’t see the point — there’s so much else out there worth reading! The only times I’ve pushed myself through reading something awful is when it was so bad I wanted to write a bad review of it. 😛

  5. Merrilee: Thanks for your comment. I’ve put the book down, and I’m reading something else now.

    a.m.harte: Hi! Thanks for visiting. You’re right, there is a LOT to read. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Mia says:

    I always read past the first 5-ish chapters. Basically giving the author a second chance. Maybe he/she didn’t grab me with their opening, but I’m willing to keep reading to see if the book gets more interesting.

    After that, if I’m still not able to get into the book, I’ll set it down. There are hundreds of books in my house I’ve yet to read, and just like everyone else, I’m busy. No sense wasting time reading a book you dislike 😉

  7. Mia: Thanks for your comment. I like to give bad books a second chance.

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