Fantasy Book Team

The inspiration for today’s post comes from Beth Revis over at Writing It Out. Beth created her fantasy book team, based on a fantasy baseball  team, and asked readers for theirs. I don’t read a lot of fantasy, but here’s mine:

Hero: Jack West Jr., from Matthew Reilly’s The Seven Ancient Wonders
Heroine: Lara Croft (yes, I know she’s a video game character, but this is my blog, so shush)
Sidekick: Eddie Chase, from Andy McDermott’s novels.
Villain: Lord Voldemort, from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter
Setting: Alegaesia, from Christopher Paolini’s world of Eragon
Plot: Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien

Why These Selections?
The purpose of a fantasy baseball team is to win, right? With that in mind, I tried to  choose tough characters, characters who could hold their own in a fight. I chose Jack West Jr because he’s intelligent, and always able to get himself out of tricky situations. I chose Lara Craft because… well, she’s Lara. Not only is she quick, witty, and sexy, she also kicks ass. And she’s handy with a gun or two.

So far, I have pretty tough characters, so I wanted to choose a guy who was funny as well as tough. Eddie Chase sprung to mind. He’s portrayed as a bit of a joker, while still being a fighter. He’ll contrast the other two serious characters.

Next, the villain. I chose Voldemort because of the magic aspect. You can’t expect me to put my hero’s up against anything less, can you? I can’t make it easy for them.

Setting: I wanted to have a beautiful setting, and I always thought of Paolini’s world as just that. Alegaesia is filled with many wonderful creatures, including Elves, Dwarves, and the beastly Urgals.

Finally, I chose Tolkien’s plot of Lord of the Rings, because, seriously: Powerful ring. Epic Journey. Enough said.

Lara Croft’s dead father has left her a powerful ring in his will, one that Voldemort wants to  use to increase his power. The will warns Lara to destroy the Ring to avoid this happening. To destroy it, Lara must drop it into Mount Doom, on the far side of Alegaesia.

Lara sets off with her two friends, Jack West Jr and Eddie Chase. They pass through the Beor Mountains, where they are attacked by Urgals and Death Eaters. Jack West Jr falls from a cliff, and appears to die. Lara and Eddie continue on alone, using Dobby the House Elf to guide them to Voldemort’s lair at Mount Doom.

However, they trio learn that Jack Wes Jr is in fact alive, having used his Maghook. He slowly climbs out, and uses a Dragon to catch up to the others. From there, Dobby leads them all to Mount Doom, where, after a massive show down with Urgals, Death Eaters, and Voldemort himself, Lara destroys the ring. A giant dragon returns the trio home to Croft Manor.


One Response to Fantasy Book Team

  1. beth says:

    Love your team! I’ve got the voting up now on my blog 🙂 Good luck!

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