That Thing Called Life


Here I am, working (slowly, but definitely working) on revising my novel. I’m working quietly, not disturbing anyone. But then, life gets in the way.

Suddenly, I have three assignments. Homework.

And suddenly, work has come to a complete stop on my revising. Which is hard work, by the way. Who said it was easy?

No one? Oh.

I feel that I was mislead into thinking that there would be a “Huh, this revision thing isn’t too bad. It’s actually kind of fun” stage before the “Argh! My writing sucks” stage. But no, I jumped straight into the “Argh! My writing sucks” stage.

Every time I look at my WIP, I cringe. I know my writing gets better somewhere, but it certainly isn’t chapter one. Or chapter two.

Well, back to the assignments. Revision will probably continue on the weekend.


One Response to That Thing Called Life

  1. Mia says:

    Sorry 😦 That is life for ya. I had the same problem with my WIP, only with the first draft. By chapter three, I was already in the “Argh! My writing sucks,” stage. Thankfully, I’m in love with the story again, but it took awhile to get there.

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