June Noticeboard

Poseidon’s Trident:
Current Chapter in First Draft (Typed) Stage:

Goals for June

  • Finish Poseidon’s Trident! – Done!

Goals for July

  • Work on short stories

Over June, I’ve been reading a lot. I read The Book Thief, by Mark Zusak and Exit Wound, by Andy McNab. Even though I’ve got a massive TBR pile, I’ve been reserving lots of books, so the pile isn’t decreasing at all. I also The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, and am now reading Atlantis, by David Gibbons.

I’m still letting my WIP sit for a month (harder than I thought) and have about two weeks to go. Until that time, I’m writing a short story about an archer, set during the ninth crusade. It’s fun, but progressing slowly.

How has your month been?


3 Responses to June Noticeboard

  1. Mia says:

    I was busy with my WIP in June (I wrote over 30K that month, more than my usual). It’s now at 81, 500 and something 😉 Originally, I thought it’d be finished at 80K, but it’s not quite done yet. I think it should be finished at 90K though. I hope. Ugh, my books always end up longer than I planned.

    Good luck on editing. Or rather waiting to edit. I’m sure it’s hard to put your WIP aside. My book (first draft) should be done in 2 weeks. Haven’t decided if I’m going to let it sit for a whole month yet or just a week or two. Hm.

  2. I always jump straight into the revisions and editing. I know the advice is not to but by the time I’ve finished the first draft I already have dozens of revisions queued up.

    June for me involves lots of family events (e.g. birthdays) so I never get much work done. My water tank imploded, TV died, and I got a new and very beautiful widescreen monitor for my desktop.

    WIP is going well and I’ve got a secret project that is progressing nicely. I also got a partial request from an agent and then a request for a full. So, not bad all said and done.

  3. Mia: Well done on writing 30K! That’s pretty impressive.

    Graham: Sounds like you had a busy month! Congrats on the requests from agents!

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