Now That I’m Finished

So, in case you missed my good news yesterday:

I FINISHED MY NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It felt good great to have finished it (finally!) and I was in such a happy mood. What surprised me though, was that I wasn’t nearly as excited to have finished as I thought I would be. But nevertheless, I’m excited!

Poseidon’s Trident is finally complete, clocking in at a tad over 73K. Not as long as I had hoped; I was hoping to at least reach 80K. Nevertheless, stringing 73,000 words along to form a story is an accomplishment.

From here, I’m going to take a break from my novel, and work on some shorter stories. I have one which needs working on (it has been on hold for months), plus there are a few ideas I’d like to try out, including a set of three stories all revolving around I painting I saw recently, and a story about a pair of bounty hunters. I’d also like to try my hand at police procedurals again (my first ever ‘novel’ was a police procedural) and I also feel like writing a supernatural story about superhuman beings (kinda based on Stephanie Meyer’s vampires).

I’m eager to start work on the short stories because I feel I have so much free time not  being used to write. Perhaps it’s because all my exams and assignments for the semester are complete.

I’ve got to start formulating a plan for how I’m going to revise. Therefore, any links to websites/blog posts about making revision plans would be good. You can send me the links through Twitter or through the blog.

So, tell me. What did you do when you finished your first novel? And how long did you wait before editing?


6 Responses to Now That I’m Finished

  1. Merrilee says:

    Well done on finishing! I agree with you though, it can feel more like “phew” than “yippee”.

    I would let it sit for at least a month while you do other things 🙂 Otherwise it’s hard to come to it with fresh eyes.

  2. Mia says:

    Hey, 73K is still a great number 🙂 Plus, when you edit and rewrite, it could end up being much longer. I know in my WIP, I’m going to be making some scenes longer, shortening others, writing a completely different first chapter…

    Good luck on the short stories. I’m intrigued that you got an idea for 3 stories from a painting. I always find it interesting to see where other writers get inspiration.

    Hm, when I finished my first novel, I started rewriting it shortly after I finished the first draft. Even though I’m probably never, ever going to show anyone that book, I did get pretty far into the rewriting process. I’ll admit I gave up, though. I had lost all of my inspiration, excitement, motivation, you-name-it for the novel, so I decided it was time to let it go and start something new. I think I did the right thing, since it’s been over a year now and I still don’t regret that decision.

  3. Merrilee: I was going to let it sit for a month, but some of the blogs I’ve read on revision indicated to me that I should dive straight into editing. Thanks for clearing it up =)

    Mia: I got the idea for writing shorts based on a painting when I did an exam which contained the painting. I found myself staring at it, wondering what stories might be behind some of the things (why is the woman in a derelict part of town? What could be significant about the graffiti?). I thought I put a picture up… but I didn’t. I’ll post one soon.

  4. Awesome news. You must have been so thrilled.

    I’d recommend letting it sit for a bit to give you some distance but that’s how I work and I know it doesn’t work for everyone.

    Best of luck with the revisions and with your short stories.

  5. Cassandra: Thanks for your comment. I’m really thrilled to have finished, and can’t wait to dive into revisions.

  6. AshN says:

    Congrats on finishing it! 😀

    I also agree on leaving it alone for a while to gain some perspective. How long that should be depends on the person — a week, a month, a few months — however long it takes to fade from your mind so you can looked at it with fresh eyes.

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