10 Things I’ve Learnt from Writing

June 23, 2010
  1. Writers are generally nice people. I’ve yet to meet a mean writer.
  2. Everything about St Stephen’s Monastery, Greece
  3. There are different names for different types of rolling manoeuvres
  4. Guns. Guns. Guns.
  5. So many people (I’m talking about grown people. People who’ve finished with their education) have bad spelling and grammar.
  6. An SUV is an American word for 4WD. I  thought it was a make of car… -_-
  7. Writing on the couch in the family room with the TV going as background noise in an otherwise silent house is productive
  8. Writing on the couch in the family room with the TV going as background noise in an otherwise silent house is only productive when there isn’t anything good on TV
  9. Just about everything there is to know on Atlantis and Minoan civilisation
  10. Writing is HARD work

What have you learnt from writing?


Now That I’m Finished

June 20, 2010

So, in case you missed my good news yesterday:

I FINISHED MY NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It felt good great to have finished it (finally!) and I was in such a happy mood. What surprised me though, was that I wasn’t nearly as excited to have finished as I thought I would be. But nevertheless, I’m excited!

Poseidon’s Trident is finally complete, clocking in at a tad over 73K. Not as long as I had hoped; I was hoping to at least reach 80K. Nevertheless, stringing 73,000 words along to form a story is an accomplishment.

From here, I’m going to take a break from my novel, and work on some shorter stories. I have one which needs working on (it has been on hold for months), plus there are a few ideas I’d like to try out, including a set of three stories all revolving around I painting I saw recently, and a story about a pair of bounty hunters. I’d also like to try my hand at police procedurals again (my first ever ‘novel’ was a police procedural) and I also feel like writing a supernatural story about superhuman beings (kinda based on Stephanie Meyer’s vampires).

I’m eager to start work on the short stories because I feel I have so much free time not  being used to write. Perhaps it’s because all my exams and assignments for the semester are complete.

I’ve got to start formulating a plan for how I’m going to revise. Therefore, any links to websites/blog posts about making revision plans would be good. You can send me the links through Twitter or through the blog.

So, tell me. What did you do when you finished your first novel? And how long did you wait before editing?

It is Done

June 19, 2010


I finished it! I finished the rough draft of my novel!!!!!

*Runs off doing happy dance*

*Then comes back, publishes post to the blog, then runs off again*

Be Back Soon

June 1, 2010

I said in the previous post that I wouldn’t be blogging much. I’ve changed my mind though, and decided not to post anything until I have the rough draft to Poseidon’s Trident finished.

Until then, feel free to look through some old posts. If you comment, I will see, and will respond. Or, you can check out The Bookshelf, where all my short stories go. I’ve added some more recently.

There is one thing. I’m trying to get a hold of any blog post that deals with revising novels, so that I can bookmark it on my computer. If you know of anything revision related… well, I guess anything on the writing craft, please let me know. You can leave a link in the comments, or let me know via Twitter.

That’s all from me.