A New Goal

Over my Easter holidays, I addressed a word count issue regarding my WIP. The WIP was estimated to be 105K, which is waaay too long. (Why I didn’t fix this problem a long time ago, I don’t know.)

So, I’ve trimmed down the plot, taking out everything that isn’t needed, and pulled the word count down to about 80K. Much better for a first novel. That cut in words should have brought the expected due date for my to complete the writing forward by a long time (previously September). But by slimming down the plot, I had to cut the latest chapters out. Chapters I just wrote. Which means that anything I wrote after mid February has to be scrapped. Not good.

Now I’ve estimated my novel should be complete by 30 June (using the assumption that I’ll be writing 250 words every day).

Wish me luck!


5 Responses to A New Goal

  1. Merrilee says:

    Good luck! Sounds like you did the right thing, although I usually find that cutting from the front rather than the back works best 😉

  2. Wendy says:

    Good luck, little Scribbler!

    I’m right behind you 🙂

  3. Merrilee: I also took out the first two chapters, and I don’t know what else to take from the front. I mainly took from the back, b/c that was what I hadn’t written, so it didn’t mean wasting a lot of hard work.

    Wendy, AshN: Thanks guys.

  4. Feywriter says:

    I hate cutting! I think a big chunk of my first novel needs to be cut. Good to notice these things early, rather than later. The writing wasn’t wasted. Even writing that is later edited out tells us something about the characters and gives us writing practice.

    Good luck with your new goal!

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