World Building 101 – Government

Over this month, I’ll be posting on world building. Throughout March, I’ll be posting on the basics of world building, geography, history, magic, religion, and government. Today, I’ll be ending the series with GOVERNMENT.

First of all, decide what type of government there will be? A monarchy  (king/emperor), a oligarchy (power in the hands of a few wealthy citizens), a republic, a dictatorship, a democracy?

Next, decide what services are provided by the government? Schools? Wells for water? An army to protect the towns and villages? Welfare for the unemployed? And how are these paid for? Does the government tax the citizens, or do they rely on donations? Perhaps only the wealthy are taxed?

Who are considered citizens of the nation? Everyone, or perhaps on the wealthy?

What will happen if the head of state is killed? Who would be the next head of state? Who will take over until then?

Lastly, how is the power of a country/government measured? Wealth, population, size of land, size of army?

This ends the World Building 101 series. Hopefully you learnt something from it. I know I did. If you want to see past entries, you can do so by clicking the links below.

The Basics


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