World Building 101 – Religion

Over this month, I’ll be posting on world building. Throughout March, I’ll be posting on the basics of world building, geography, history, magic, religion, and government. Today, I’ll continue the series with RELIGION.

People need something to believe in. Your characters are no different.

On earth, there are many different religions, so your story will probably be similar in that aspects. Do the Dwarves, Elves and other races have different religions? What do they worship?

How are the gods of each religion? Is there one (like Christianity), or are there many (Hindu)? If there are more than one, is there a hierarchy, or are they all equal? What do the gods look like? Are they human like, or do they look a bit like animals?

How do the characters worship them? Do the gods require human/animal sacrifice? Or do the characters tithe a percent of their earnings for the church?

Do the people have the right do decide their religion, or is there a state religion, which everyone must follow? Does the ruler decide the religion, or if there will be no religion?

What customs surround death? Are the dead buried or burned? What traditions are there, and why are they there? Do the characters burn hair, or put coins on the eyes?

I couldn’t think of much to discuss, so this is a bit of a short post. Next week, I’ll be ending the World Building 101 series with a post on government.


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