World Building 101 – The Basics

Over this month, I’ll be posting on world building. Throughout March, I’ll be posting on the basics of world building, geography, history, magic, religion, and government. Today, I’ll begin the series with THE BASICS.

When you design a new world, there a several things you need to start with. A map is usually the best place to start. I’ll be talking more about that in the next post. Create a map, then fill it with inhabitants. Ask yourself:
Is this world similar to ours?
Which creatures live there?
Which are sentient beings? Which are beasts?
Which regions do all these creatures inhabit?
How to these creatures live with the others? Peacefully? At war?
How long have there been people on this world? Did they evolve, or did they migrate from somewhere else?
Is there magic? Where does the magic come from? (I’ll talk about this in more detail in another post)

Also think about the climate and about suns/moons. Is there more than one sun? Two moons?

There are some basic questions to start off with. In the next post, I’ll be discussing geography.


4 Responses to World Building 101 – The Basics

  1. AshN says:

    I’m always so bad about making a map. I think it’s because my sense of spatial dimensions is non-existent.

  2. Wendy says:

    Interesting questions you’ve raised, especially for those of us writing fantasy.

    I am very aware of the geography of my world and have (attempted) to draw many maps – although one would think a demented 2yr old had done them 🙂

    Good post Little Scribbler.

  3. Barb says:

    if you consider world-creation, don’t forget to check Limyaeel’s fantasy rants, she suggests thinks not even I (who have been world-building for over 20 years) could think of. She also says how to avoid fantasy clichés. Here are a couple of links:
    (I made a 950pages word.doc with these… and some of these…)
    Happy writing and world-creating! 😀

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