February Noticeboard

Poseidon’s Trident:
Current Chapter in First Draft Stage:
Current Chapter in Edit Stage: None

Goals for February:

  • Write 250 words/day. Equals to about 7,000 words – Hmmm, not sure about that one. I did miss quite a few days, so I’ll say no.

Goals for March:

  • Write 250 words a day
  • Complete NPI

This month, I’ll be participating in another Novel Push Initiative, hosted by Nick Enlowe. Participants have to write 250+ words everyday to complete the NPI. I completed one late last year, but its duration was only two weeks, so this should be a bit more of a challenge. If you’re interested in participating in the NPI, check out Nick’s blog. He may or may not still be taking participants.

Continuing with my aim for a new post every three days, I’ll be posting on ‘World Building 101’ this month. I’m  yet to decide what to post towards the end of the month.

My reading pace slowed over February. I usually read one book a week, but due to a saggy middle, reading Stephen King’s ‘Rose Madder’ took a lot longer. This month, I also read ‘Pirate Latitudes’, by Michael Critchon.
In January, I read a Clive Cussler novel, ‘The Wrecker’, and ‘Cross’, by James Patterson, before starting Rose Madder.

One last thing. ‘The Writer’s Christmas’, a Christmas story I posted in 14 installments last year has now been posted as one whole on my Writing.Com account. Click here to read it.

Have a great day!


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