Critiques are GO!

I’ve checked the results to the poll and critiques, and it looks like everyone is keen for critiques! Thanks to everyone who voted.

You can send in your first 250 words (or about that) to me via email (littlescribbler AT hotmail DOT com) along with:

  • Your name (optional. You can be anonymous if you like)
  • The title of your WIP
  • The genre
  • Your blog or website (again, optional)

I’ll be checking for critiques until Sunday the 14th. Anything after that may or may not be posted.

The first critique will be posted on Monday the 15th at 4am AEST (1pm in New York the previous day), then the second critique on Tuesday the 16th at 4am and so on. Critiques will be posted in the order I receive them in.

Anyone can enter their 250 words. Please, if you do enter, make sure you critique on every other post. It’s only fair. I’m not expecting heaps, so the critiques shouldn’t be going on for more than a week.

For every critique, readers will be asked whether they would read on, and why. What did you like? What didn’t you like? What could be changed? Remember, this is about constructive criticism. Nasty comments will be deleted. But that won’t happen, will it?

That’s all, I think. You can send your entries. Ask any questions in the comments below.


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