January Noticeboard

Poseidon’s Trident:
Current Chapter in First Draft (Typed) Stage: 18/32
Current Chapter in Edit Stage: None

As you may remember, I decided against goals for January. My NYR was to have Poseidon’s Trident complete by September by writing 250 words everyday. I did pretty well, I only missed a few days while I was trying to figure out an action scene.
I went on school holidays at the end of November still on chapter 12. Which means that over my school holidays, I’ve written 6 chapters! Me = happy =)

Goals for February:

  • Write 250 words/day. Equals to about 7,000 words

Just one goal this month. Keep moving along with my New Year Resolution.

I’m still planning some of the posts for February. I’m aiming for a new post every three days. About eight posts (I can do that… I can do that…). In February, I’ll be posting my response to Cassandra Jade’s question, ‘what is writing?’, which she asked last year, and a blog award. Also, I’d like to do a critique this month. What do you think? There’ll be a poll appearing here within the next couple of days so you can let me know your thoughts. If nobody’s interested in critiques, I’ll be running a series of posts on world building.

Lastly, I’m looking for other writers who want to guest post here, if your interested check out my post on the subject and contact me! I’d like to do a weekly (or bi-weekly even) post about/by other writers.

That’s all from me!


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