5 Ways to Make Time for Writing

Did you make it a New Years Resolution to write more? I did. Like most people, I make resolutions, but fail to keep them. Usually, I’ve forgotten about them, or fail to act on the resolution by March.

This year, my only writing-related resolution was to finish the rough draft of my manuscript. It is achievable, and I should be able to finish the draft by September… if I write 250 words every day.

But I’m a busy person, as most people are, I’m sure. People have so many responsibilities which demand their time: day-job, cleaning, cooking, shopping, looking after children, responsibilities in the community, keeping up with friends and family… the list goes on. Then, throw in writing, and all the responsibilities associated with it: networking, editing, researching etc, and it’s too easy to forget about writing.
I’ve got 5 ways to make time for writing.

Make a timeslot, and stick to it: Find a timeslot, where you aren’t as busy, and make it a designated slot for writing. And stick to it. Be fierce if you have to defend that timeslot. That time is yours, and NO ONE will take it from you.

Write in small chunks: Perhaps finding an hour or two of spare time a day is difficult. Instead, try writing in smaller areas of spare time, perhaps two or three half hours slots. You could also try writing during your lunch hour, or take your laptop on the train/bus to work.

Make sacrifices: Maybe you don’t NEED to spend an hour a day surfing the internet. Cut back on that time, which will free up more time for writing. Or…

Combine tasks: Use your time on the internet to network. Read blogs, use Twitter, update Facebook and read emails during that time. That way, you wont waste your writing time.

Get organised: Nothing wastes time more than if your unorganised. Make sure everything you need for writing is ready or easily accessible for when your time starts. That way, you wont spend five minutes looking for your notes, or reading your plot outline.


5 Responses to 5 Ways to Make Time for Writing

  1. If i’m writing an essay, do i put the video game title in quotes or underlined?

  2. Some great advice – particularly about cutting back time on the internet. My best chance for writing is to schedule everything else in my life and try and get it done, then I have free time to write and am not distracted by my other demands.

  3. Article Directory: It’s up to you. Personally, I would italicize the video game title, but out of quotes or underlining, I would place the title in quotes. As I said, it’s up to you, but whichever way you do it, remember to keep it consistent. Hope it helps.

  4. annashareen says:

    Exactly the kind of thing I need to read at this time, while battling midterms. Time to fiercely guard my writing time.

  5. Tooty Nolan says:

    That’s an old head on young shoulders you have there. Very wise suggestions. I wish I could keep to your rules.

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