January Noticeboard

January 30, 2010

Poseidon’s Trident:
Current Chapter in First Draft (Typed) Stage: 18/32
Current Chapter in Edit Stage: None

As you may remember, I decided against goals for January. My NYR was to have Poseidon’s Trident complete by September by writing 250 words everyday. I did pretty well, I only missed a few days while I was trying to figure out an action scene.
I went on school holidays at the end of November still on chapter 12. Which means that over my school holidays, I’ve written 6 chapters! Me = happy =)

Goals for February:

  • Write 250 words/day. Equals to about 7,000 words

Just one goal this month. Keep moving along with my New Year Resolution.

I’m still planning some of the posts for February. I’m aiming for a new post every three days. About eight posts (I can do that… I can do that…). In February, I’ll be posting my response to Cassandra Jade’s question, ‘what is writing?’, which she asked last year, and a blog award. Also, I’d like to do a critique this month. What do you think? There’ll be a poll appearing here within the next couple of days so you can let me know your thoughts. If nobody’s interested in critiques, I’ll be running a series of posts on world building.

Lastly, I’m looking for other writers who want to guest post here, if your interested check out my post on the subject and contact me! I’d like to do a weekly (or bi-weekly even) post about/by other writers.

That’s all from me!


Dear Spammy

January 25, 2010

I was going to post my response to a bloggers question: ‘what is writing?’ today, but I decided to slip in this instead. My response to the blogger will be posted next week.
The first email was sent to me by ‘Windows! Live’, ie Spammy. The email below was my response. I found it amusing at the time (oh look at me. I’m such a badass, talking to Spammy…). You may not find it amusing, but if one person can honestly say the laughed, or even smiled genuinely at my response, then it was worth posting. If not… let’s forget about this post, okay?

Dear Windows! Live Account User,
We encountered a problem with our database and a lot of records were lost, we are restoring our database to enable us serve you better. Your Windows! Live Account details are required so as to store in our database to keep your account active.

Failure to do this will lose his or her account permanently.
To update and enable us restore your account details in our data base to keep your account active, you are required to provide us the details below urgently.
Click the reply button to enter details below .

Password :
Date of Birth:
Country or Territory:
Alternative E-mail:

Make sure the details above are correct to enable us restore your account details, this will help prevent your account from suspending or closing.


Users have often told us that the more they use Windows! Live  Service, the more they discover its benefits. We’ll keep working on making Windows! Live the best email service around, and we appreciate your joining us for the ride.

Thank you,
Sandra O. John
The Windows! Live Team

My reply:

Hi there,

Thanks for letting me know that you lost your records. Good on you for trying to rebuild them! The new records must be so much more detailed than the last set – I don’t ever recall providing you with my occupation or country. But then again, I signed up for Windows! Live sooo long ago, you must have changed your records around.
I mean, when I signed up for Windows! Live, the exclamation mark wasn’t even apart of your name. It was just boring old Windows Live.

I suppose that when you lost your database, you must have lost your usual Windows Live (oops, that should be Windows! Live) email account and the pretty pictures you use. I’m so used to receiving emails from a different email account, I almost marked this email as spam! Imagine that! I could have lost this email address.

That said, I no longer want my email account. I’m sorry, but if even Windows Live (there I go again – forgot the new exclamation mark! Silly me) is using Yahoo as their new email provider, perhaps you know something I don’t.

For some reason, when I went to reply to this email, instead of putting the Yahoo address as the recipient, another email address (accounts.services0001000) was placed as the recipient. To make sure that the Windows! Live Team receives the email, I am sending this email to both email addresses.

Once again, thanks for being so kind and considerate by sending me this email.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Little Scribbler.

5 Ways to Make Time for Writing

January 22, 2010

Did you make it a New Years Resolution to write more? I did. Like most people, I make resolutions, but fail to keep them. Usually, I’ve forgotten about them, or fail to act on the resolution by March.

This year, my only writing-related resolution was to finish the rough draft of my manuscript. It is achievable, and I should be able to finish the draft by September… if I write 250 words every day.

But I’m a busy person, as most people are, I’m sure. People have so many responsibilities which demand their time: day-job, cleaning, cooking, shopping, looking after children, responsibilities in the community, keeping up with friends and family… the list goes on. Then, throw in writing, and all the responsibilities associated with it: networking, editing, researching etc, and it’s too easy to forget about writing.
I’ve got 5 ways to make time for writing.

Make a timeslot, and stick to it: Find a timeslot, where you aren’t as busy, and make it a designated slot for writing. And stick to it. Be fierce if you have to defend that timeslot. That time is yours, and NO ONE will take it from you.

Write in small chunks: Perhaps finding an hour or two of spare time a day is difficult. Instead, try writing in smaller areas of spare time, perhaps two or three half hours slots. You could also try writing during your lunch hour, or take your laptop on the train/bus to work.

Make sacrifices: Maybe you don’t NEED to spend an hour a day surfing the internet. Cut back on that time, which will free up more time for writing. Or…

Combine tasks: Use your time on the internet to network. Read blogs, use Twitter, update Facebook and read emails during that time. That way, you wont waste your writing time.

Get organised: Nothing wastes time more than if your unorganised. Make sure everything you need for writing is ready or easily accessible for when your time starts. That way, you wont spend five minutes looking for your notes, or reading your plot outline.

And I’m Back

January 18, 2010

I’m back to regular posting again for the year. How’s your Christmas been? My Christmas has been pretty good, nice and  quiet.

Jumping straight into what I want to say, we may only be 18 days into 2010, but I’ve already got some ideas for the blog this year. I’d like to have an in-house critique session, preferably in the next month or so. You can send in an excerpt, and I’ll post it for others to critique.

Also, one thing I’ve seen around that I liked the idea of was an interview where YOU ask the questions. I’m thinking about doing this with a couple of internationally famous authors. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but I can only ask. I just have to build up the courage to write an email to them. I’ve got two in mind, two authors who I consider to be down-to-earth enough to possibly accept. Of course, it would be up to you – would you have lots of questions to ask?

Those are my two big plans so far. Throughout the year, I’ll be posting more articles, starting with the next post later this week, an on finding time to  write. I’ll be following that post up with an article I wrote in response to another bloggers question, What is Writing?

That’s all from me for today. I think I’m still in holiday mode. School goes back next week. Groan. I don’t even want to think about that. Before I go, I leave you with a question: What would you like to see on this blog?

Also, what are you writing? What is it? YA, mystery, adventure? Or something different? And what stage are you up to? Rough draft? Editing?

Have a great day!