The Writer’s Christmas Pt14

There was a knock on the door, and Tim hurried to answer it. He swung open the door, revealing Laura and Jenny, both in festive outfits.

Merry Christmas! Laura cried, giving Tim a kiss on the cheek.

Tim chuckled. Merry Christmas, Laura. You too, Jenny.

The girls entered Tims apartment, which was decorated extensively in tinsel. In his lounge room was a small Christmas tree, covered in bulbuls, tinsel and other decorations.

I wanted a bigger tree, but I couldnt get anything bigger through the lift, Tim said, seeing Jenny eyes the tree. Jenny nodded in response. Laura went to the tree, and deposited two gifts, wrapped in colourful wrapping.

You know, Tim said to Jenny, you never died say how I could repay you for helping me with the publishing jargon.

Jenny smiled. You dont have to. Christmas isnt about the gifts.

Tim smiled. If youre sure.

Laura joined the pair, and Tim placed his arm around her shoulders, then did the same for Jenny.

I really am so lucky to have you two as friends, he admitted.

Jenny and Laura smiled. I think were all lucky to have each other as friends, Jenny said.

We all help each learn things, Laura said. I learnt that giving is better than receiving.

Well, Jenny replied, I learnt that Christmas isnt about the gifts.

Does that mean you dont want your present? Laura said, deadpan at first, but then a huge smiled cracked up her face.

I do want my present! Jenny said quickly.

What did you learn, Tim? Laura asked.

Me? I learnt that its okay to ask for help. And that Christmas is for friends and family. Tim replied.

Lets open the presents now! Laura cried.

Do you want to open them right now because you saw the big one with your name on it? Tim asked with a laugh.

Laura went red. Nowell, maybe.

Jenny laughed. Okay, but well open one of mine first!

Ooh! Open mine! Laura replied. Youll love what I got you…”

The End.


This post concludes ‘The Writer’s Christmas’. The entire story will be available for reading in one entry early next year, in my Writing.Com portfolio.

This is the last post for the year, with the exception of the December Noticeboard, to be posted on December 31.



2 Responses to The Writer’s Christmas Pt14

  1. Anna says:

    Excellent story.

    I would love to know what’s in the big gift under the tree for Laura.

    Would you like to know about any typos?

  2. I’m glad you liked the story. Thanks for reading!

    I didn’t really think about what’s under the tree for Laura. Something to help her writing, perhaps?

    I’d love to know any typos you found. I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked to editing this story – I ran out of time =(

    Have a Merry Christmas!

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