The Writer’s Christmas Pt11

Laura hit the shops early, a determined glint in her eyes. She didnt care about the price, Jenny deserved that necklace.

Almost running, Laura entered the jewellery store, panting slightly. She walked up to the back of the store where the necklace was held. Once again, she admired it for a second, the diamonds glinting in the store lights.

Can I help you? a male store assistant asked. He was elderly, about 70, and spoke with a slight tinge of a British accent. Or was it French?

Id like to buy that, Laura replied, pressing her finger against the glass case.

A nice choice, the assistant commented, admiring the necklace as well. He grabbed a key from his coat, and unlocked the case. Would you like to wear it out of the store?

Oh, no thank you, Laura replied. Its for a friend.

Oh? Such a lucky friend, the shop assistant replied. He carefully took the piece out of the case, and took it over to a counter. Laura followed.

It is one of our finest pieces, he said, placing the diamond studded necklace carefully in a black velvet case. 22 carat gold, and perfect diamonds and sapphires. And, its on sale. Thirty percent off.

Lastly placing the velvet case in a bag, he said, thats eight-ninety-nine, and ninety-nine cents. Cash or credit?

Cash, Laura answered, taking out a wad of one-hundred dollar notes, which the clerk quickly counted. Satisfied she had handed over the correct amount, he smiled and handed her the bag. Have a nice day.

Laura smiled, a warm feeling bubbling up inside her. It feels nice to give, Laura decided. Giving is better than receiving.


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