The Writer’s Christmas Pt10

Jenny sat on her sofa, and stared out at what she could see of the New York twilight sky. She couldnt see much – a tall apartment block blocked whatever view she might have gotten. However, she could see the entrance to the apartment directly beside her.

She was bored. There was nothing on the television, and she had read and re-read all her books several times. Although there was a new romance movie out at the cinemas. Perhaps Laura would like to see it with her

Jenny sighed. Although she hated to admit it, she did miss Laura.

Jenny looked back out at the skyline. She soon grew bored with watching the neighbours eat dinner, and her attention turned to Lauras manuscript. Perhaps she could read that. Have a laugh

Jenny picked up the bound manuscript, and turned to the first page.

Argh, Jenny muttered to herself. Thats not how you spell it. She stood, searching for a red pen. Not finding one, she rushed to her study, quickly find one.

Jenny returned to the manuscript, and crossed out the incorrect word, before writing the correct spelling above it.

Jenny once again settled into the writing, until-

Passive voice! Jenny circled the entire passage, and indicated the problem.

Jenny read through the next few chapters with interest, finding few problems. This isnt bad. Jenny said thoughtfully as she turned the page. It was so good, she was actually jealous


Jenny leapt in her seat. It was the clock. Jenny glanced at it in shock. 1AM! Suddenly, Jenny felt tiredness wash over her, and she stifled a yawn. Where had the time gone?

She realised she had been editing for over six hours, and was nearly finished editing the novel.

With another yawn, Jenny decided it was time for sleep.


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