The Writer’s Christmas Pt9

Tim hurried to his phone, the ringing growing louder and louder. He picked it up and brought it to his ear.


Tim? Its Jenny.

Tim groaned to himself. She probably wanted to complain about something, or beg for him to help him out.

Hi Jenny.

I was at the bookstore today. I saw that you books are in the front of the store. Congratulations. From the tone of her voice, Tim could tell she didnt mean it.

Yeah? Thanks. I guess we know now who the better writer is.

What? Jenny snarled.

I said, I guess Im a better writer than you.

That is rubbish, Tim. You would be nowhere without me. All those critiques!

Really? If youre better than me, then why arent your books at the front of the shop?

You got lucky! Beginners luck!


Meanwhile, Laura stepped into the elevator, and pressed the button marked 14. Tims level.

Tim will know what Jenny wants, Laura reassured herself. Hell be able to tell me straight away.

The elevator slowed to a stop, and the doors opened. A few people entered, and pressed various buttons. Laura waited patiently, glancing at her watch. 5.30pm.

Laura had been shopping all day. After visiting the store with the overpriced items, Laura had tried all the other jewellery stores in the area. She even tried a few large department stores, looking through their jewellery and other items. But there was nothing. Nothing was good enough. Nothing was perfect for Jenny.

The elevator stopped again, and Laura exited. She hurried down the corridor to Tims apartment. A small heater blew warm air through the corridor, but it was too small to make much of a distance. A musty smell hung over the space.


Inside, Tim and Jenny were still arguing.

Your books are still at the back! Tim exclaimed, his voice rising.

Well, Jenny returned, I dont see anyone copying your manuscript!

No ones copying yours either!

Laura is!


Laura stopped outside Tims door. It was partially open, so she didnt knock. She crept in. She could hear Tim in his lounge room, talking. No one replied, so she guessed correctly he was talking on the phone. She listened to what he was saying. It was wrong, but she couldnt help it. He was speaking loudly.

Laura? Why would Laura copy your book?! Tim exclaimed. Laura swallowed. He was clearly talking to Jenny.

That doesnt mean anything! Tim said. He paused, as Jenny said something in return.

Ha! Tim replied harshly. Dont worry about her. Her writing is without a doubt the worst Ive ever seen!

In the foyer, Lauras jaw dropped open. Tears sprung to her eyes. He thinks it too. They hate my writing. They hate me! Laura spun, and ran from Tims apartment. Down the elevator, out of the building. Tears began pouring down, and Laura found a vacant park bench. The air was freezing, but Laura didnt care. She let the sadness pour out.


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