The Writer’s Christmas Pt8

Laura entered the jewellery store, a small bell above the door ringing as it opened. She glanced around at the items for sale, the golden rings studded with diamonds, the silver necklaces with rubies and sapphires.

Can I help you? a female shop assistant appeared by Laura.

What? Oh, no thank you. Im just looking. Laura replied.

The assistant nodded. Looking for a Christmas present?

Kind of, Laura replied. My friend and I had an argument, so Im trying to find the perfect present for her.

Right, the assistant said thoughtfully, brushing a strand of long black hair from her eyes. Well, were having a sale at the moment, all items over there, she said pointing over behind her, are thirty percent off. Perhaps you could try there?

Thank you. Laura headed to the area of the store the shop assistant had suggested. She browsed through the necklaces – gold ones, silver with emeralds, pearls – a huge variety. Laura studied each and everyone of them, looking for the perfect gift. But none were perfect. Too cheap. Jenny didnt like gold. Jenny hated green – emeralds wouldnt do.

Suddenly, she found it. It was perfect. Silver. Diamonds and sapphires. It wasnt cheap. It was –

Nine hundred dollars! Laura yelped, looking at the price tag. The shop assistant and the other four customers looked in her direction. Blushing, Laura looked back at the necklace. It was still nine hundred dollars. With the discount. Laura groaned. I dont make that in a week, she muttered to herself. She glanced around the rest of the area. Nothing was under one grand.

Its okay, Laura, she mumbled to herself. Keep looking. Something cheaper will show up…”


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