The Writer’s Christmas Pt7

Jenny stormed out of the library, clutching her small bags. She walked quickly onto the footpath, and down the street.

Tears stung at her eyes, but she wiped them away, determined not to cry. Stupid Laura! How could she?! This is all her fault! He bag began to feel heavy, so she paused at a bin, and grabbed Kiss and Kill, Tims short story which she had read over the week. She chucked it angrily in the bin, before grabbing out two copies of her latest short story. Both had been for Laura and Tim, but now, they werent needed. She tossed them as well.

Bloody Tim. Who does he think he is? Now that Im published, Ive been thinking, and Ive decided that my publisher wouldnt like me meeting with you here. Because Id be giving away my skills. Ridiculous!

She arrived at ABC Books, and entered. Warmth immediately enveloped her body, and she sighed with comfort. She went to look at her book, which was located halfway down the store, when her eye caught a familiar book cover. The green background depicted a hideous corpse, and the golden word Headless stood out at her. Tims name was printed below the title.

Jenny gasped, and involuntarily dropped her bag. Shock turned to rage, and letting out an angry yell, turned and fled the store, filled with anger.


2 Responses to The Writer’s Christmas Pt7

  1. Anna says:

    I’ll wait for the next bit, but I’m a little confused as to why Jenny would be mad that Tim’s book Headless was at the bookstore. Was ti because it took the place of her book?

  2. Jenny is mad at Tim b/c Tim’s book is doing better than hers. In her eyes, Tim doesn’t deserve to be a bestseller, b/c he’s a newbie to writing.

    Perhaps I should have made that a bit more clearer?

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