The Writer’s Christmas Pt5

Okay, I feel better, Jenny said as Laura walked her down the street. I was just a little shocked, thats all.

Laura nodded, Come to my apartment, Ill get you something to drink. Its just around the corner. They walked quickly through the cold air, and soon arrived at Lauras apartment. Laura entered, Jenny following, and entered a waiting elevator. Laura pushed the button 14, and the doors closed.

Im sure it was a mistake, Laura said. Youre book will be up at the front again in no time.

Yeah, Jenny said thoughtfully. What would the silly assistant know anyway? He isnt a writer. He wouldnt know a good book if it bit him in the bum. The two fell silent, until the elevator arrived at Lauras level, and the two girls exited. Laura unlocked her door, and showed Jenny in.

Here, you sit on the couch, and Ill get us something, she said, walking to the kitchen. Jenny sat down on the small couch, looking around the room. Three couches were positioned in a horseshoe shape, around a coffee table. The horseshoe opened up to the front entrance, while on the left side of the horseshoe was the kitchen. To the right of the horseshoe, a large oak bookshelf sat stuffed with nearly 100 books.

Would you like a hot chocolate? Laura called out.

Uh, yes, thanks! Jenny replied. She turned her attention to the coffee table. In the centre, a large pile of paper sat. Jenny picked it up carefully. The top page was just about blank, only a few words were written on it. I Love You, a novel. Lauras name sat below it.

Jenny gasped. It was Lauras manuscript. The one she let no one see. Checking to see that Laura wasnt returning, Jenny flicked to the next page. The words Plot Overview headed the page. Jenny scanned through it, suddenly growing angry as she read each sentence. She stole my idea! Bitch! She copied me! She copied my first novel! Jenny went through a mental checklist. A girl is attacked. Check, same as mine. The criminal is caught, and sent to jail. Again, check. Criminal is sentenced to death. Check! Girl falls in love with criminal. Check!

What are you doing? Laura asked, entering the lounge with a tray of hot chocolate. Oh, you found my novel.

Jenny glared at her. It sounds a lot like my first novel, Love at Last Sight!

Lauras face went red. Well, I did kind of have some inspiration. But just a little bit!

Jenny shook her head. You are so unbelievable! How could you? How could you? Jenny stood up, and marched to the door. Youre pathetic, Jenny hissed, and slammed thee door closed.

Laura stood in shock, tears forming in her eyes. But, I made hot chocolate, she managed to mutter, before breaking down and crying.


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