The Writer’s Christmas Pt3

As it turned out, fifteen minutes wasnt plenty. They were only half way through critiquing He Kissed Me when 5:30PM arrived.

Thats all we have time for, Tim announced. Its my turn now, so I thought you girls could read over Kiss and Kill for me for next week. He handed out two copies of the twelve page story. Its a bit of a romance as well, you know, because you both prefer it.

Laura looked through the pages. Ew. Did you have to have bugs coming out of the corpse?

Tim ignored the question, and continued, And, uh, as you two know, Wednesday is the release date of my novel, Headless. I was wondering if you guys could come down to ABC Books with me, on Wednesday at 9:00AM?

Of course, Laura replied. Its so exciting, have two published authors in the critique group with me. I must be next!

How is your novel going, by the way? Tim asked.

Oh, its coming along. I finished the draft on Friday, so Im beginning to edit it.

Cool, Jenny said. I could have a look over it, if youd like?

Sure, Laura squealed. Youre going to love it!


2 Responses to The Writer’s Christmas Pt3

  1. annashareen says:

    Can’t wait for the next installment!

    I like your website – it is very organized, something which I tend to have trouble with….

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story =)

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