The Writer’s Christmas

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting parts of a short story I’ve been writing. ‘The Writer’s Christmas is a 14-part short story of about 5K words, and follows the adventure of three writer friends in a critique group.

Jenny is the published author. She has already written one novel, a bestseller, and has just released a second book, which she finds isn’t selling as well. She writes romance.

Tim is a new published author. His horror novel has just been released in time for Christmas, and he quickly finds his novel to be selling better than Jenny’s first. This causes tension between the pair.

Laura, the last writer, has just finished the first draft of her first novel. Laura has also written a romance, following in the footsteps of Jenny. The plot has been kept secret from the other two, until Jenny reads the manuscript, and decides Laura’s novel is similar to her own bestseller.

Each day, I’ll be posting another part of the story. Feel free to read it or not – I don’t mind. If you like, you can comment problems with the story, or just suggestions. However, I can’t guarantee I’ll alter the story regarding your comments.

As of tomorrow, I’ll be on ‘holidays’ from the blog, so I’ll only be checking on the blog once a week, as opposed to daily. Have a safe holidays.


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