You Know You’re a Writer When…

You know you’re a writer when…

…You purposely eavesdrop in public.

…In public, you make conversations with people who have interesting jobs (preferably a job your hero/heroine has) so you can research.

…One or more of the keys on your keyboard has worn down.

…On public transport, you would rather talk to the voices in your head then the person beside you.

…You would rather write than go out partying.

…Family and friends accuse you of being a ‘Grammar Nazi’.

…People think you’re suffering from PMS, but really you haven’t written in a few days.

…You don’t write because you’re mad at your characters.

…You wake up in the middle of the night and scrabble for the pen and paper you keep next to your bed to write down a scene to make the voices be quiet so you can get some sleep.

…Finishing writing a scene is more important than food, coffee or the bathroom.

…You cannot read a book without a red pen.

…You cannot watch a movie without identifying (out loud) the inciting incident, plot points one and two, climax and dark moment.

…Sometimes when people talk to you, you pretend to listen while you are actually working out a difficult scene from your novel in a thought bubble over his/her head.

…You proofread all text messages before pressing ‘send’.

…You proofread all incoming text messages and emails, edit them, then send them back.

…You introduce you’re manuscripts to the librarians as ‘my baby’.

…You’ve ever said ‘the voices are getting louder. I must go and write’.

…It’s a knee-jerk reaction to correct people’s grammar when they talk to you.

…You take peoples taste in books personally.

…Your spouse leaves you, but you don’t realise until December 1.

How else do you know if you’re a writer?


5 Responses to You Know You’re a Writer When…

  1. Merrilee says:

    Well said! (Except for the manuscript baby comment;) )

  2. Feywriter says:

    Great list. I can identify with quite a few…
    Happy Holidays!

  3. SaintAsh says:

    Heh, I’m totally called the Grammar Nazi. And the Spelling Nazi, too. I’m personally offended when a street sign or advertisement has a spelling error.

  4. Anna says:

    Um, I identify with more of those than I care to admit.

    If I say something like I’m planning or writing a story in my head, the person just wants to talk more, why is that?

  5. Barb says:

    I’ve checked at least 6 of the list, still pondering on more to suggest… Keep writing anyway! 🙂

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