Making Goals When Writing

When writing, it’s a good idea to have a goal. Not a vague goal, like “I will write this novel”, or “I will edit my short story”. When you make goals, if you want them to be successful, there’s several things you need to do. Your goals have to be SMART.

S is for Specific: Don’t make your goals, vague, they have to be specific. Don’t say “I will edit”, be specific and say “I will edit my short story”.

M is for Measurable: Your goals have to be measurable for them to be successful. You  have to have something to show for it. Don’t say “I will read some of my books this month”, make the goal measurable. How many books do you want to read?

A is for Achievable: There’s no point in setting goals you can’t reach. If you can’t write 1,500 words each and every day, don’t set it as your goal. Instead, set it lower, so you can achieve your goal. Perhaps writing 250 words/day is better for you. Remember, it is better to go over your goal regularly, than to fail often.

R is for Realistic: Be honest with yourself, do you really have the time and commitment to finish the last 100,000 words by Christmas? If not, don’t set it as your goal.

T is for Time-framed:
There has to be a time-frame in which you must complete your work. Don’t say “I will write the rough draft to my novel”, say “I will write the rough draft by June next year”.


One Response to Making Goals When Writing

  1. All good advice! SMART is a good model.

    One of the things I see all the time is writers setting themselves goals that are not in their power to achieve. Things like: I will become a published author, and I will find an agent this year. These are more like wishes or hopes than goals. A goal should be entirely within your power. Like; I will finish my novel this year, or I will query at least 20 agents this year. If you set yourself goals that are achievable AND which will help enable your dreams, you might someday really get there.

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