You know, for me, the worst part of blogging is finding things to say. Writing articles for others to read. It never ends. There is no “well once the task is done, I can relax” like there is in school when I have an assignment. It never ends.

I feel like a begger, but not wondering where my next meal is coming from, but where my next post is coming from. Every day, I have to wonder, what can I blog about next? I have to look for inspiration. I have to wonder what I could write about that would interest, teach things to other writers.
I envy those bloggers who can churn something out every single day. Sometimes I have enough things to say that I could blog every single day (for about a week). I might about five posts lined up. Other times, I think, and think, and think, but nothing comes to mind.

This is one of those times.

For the life of me, I cannot think of anything to say.  But the blog has to be kept alive, fed posts regularly. Like, once a week at least.
So as I sit at my laptop, pondering what to write, I wonder, how do you guys do it?

Where do you find your inspiration from?


2 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Merrilee says:

    Hah! If you read my blog, you know I do a lot of introspection. Talking about what issues I am dealing with in the WIP at the time, and making that into a discussion point.

    Don’t be afraid to write about yourself – personal connection works too.

    If you google “miscellaneous yammering”, you’ll see a good example of a blogger who brings all kinds of topics to their blog, and makes it interesting.

  2. SaintAsh says:

    Like Merrilee, I usually develop posts from whatever is bothering me on the writing front.

    If you’re really jammed, you may want to try blogging about a favorite book or movie and why you feel it’s so effective. Or post about something that inspires you or whatnot. 🙂

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