A Punch in the Gut

I just lost some of my writing. And it hurts. Like a punch in the guts. Ouch.

Yes, you read right, I just lost the first 1000 words of the current chapter I’m working on. About two-thirds of the chapter overall. I saved over it, somehow.
My theory is that I saved yesterday’s NPI word count by accident. You see, I have this weird version of Microsoft Word on my laptop, a version which only does a word count for the entire document. So to get an accurate WC of the day’s writing, I copy the words over to a fresh document, and WC that. But somehow, the WC document got saved, not the chapter.

I’m determined not to get angry and upset over this. It’s no-ones fault over this (well, except mine…). I mean, it’s only 1000 words. How long can that take to retype? I wrote it a couple of days ago, so it shouldn’t be too hard to remember.

Fortunately, there is a moral to this sad, tragic event. Backup your work.

Sure, I backup my writing, but not often enough. I usually backup once a month, in case of a disaster, like theft or a house fire. I never really considered that I might actually delete my work like this. So my last backup was about the 1st of August. Which sadly, doesn’t contain my current chapter. I think it’s safe to say I’ll be backing up more regularly.

But I suppose not all bad came from this. I got a blog post out of it, and an easy ride with my WC for the NPI. The next few days will just be rewriting what I’ve already written.
What about you? Has this ever happened to you? How much did you lose? Where/how often do you backup your writing?


5 Responses to A Punch in the Gut

  1. Merrilee says:

    Not fiction, but I’ve lost enough non-fiction to be paranoid about backups now 🙂

  2. Feywriter says:

    I’ve had a hard drive crash. Was terrified I’d lost almost my entire novel, notes, everything. Luckily, it was recoverable. I’ve been using http://mozy.com/ for daily automatic backups since.

  3. beth says:

    Oh….sorry….when my hard drive crashed, a lost nearly everything! Hope you’re able to recover easily.

    With my Word, if I highlight an amount of text, then go to tool and word count, it will only tell me the wordcount in the highlighted portion. That might work for you…?

    PS: About your Obama question: there’s a small but vocal minority of Americans (maybe about 15-20%) who *hate* President Obama and have labeled him a socialist. When he gave his address to the students yesterday, some parents had their children pulled because they thought he was trying to brainwash him with his socialist agenda.

  4. SaintAsh says:

    Ouch. Sorry to hear about your loss of a chapter. It doesn’t matter how much or little, when you lose some of your writing, it burns.

    I’ve already ranted about losing most of my writing when my computer was stolen, but there was previous incident as well. I used to exclusively type and save my work on yWriter. Well, after upgrading to yWriter4, I imported the old yWriter 3 files into the new version. The files came through empty. Yup, all of my work was gone.

    After much screaming, I decided to save my work on both yWriter and Microsoft Word documents, and a flash drive for good measure. It worked until my flash drive went missing and my computer was stolen and I lost everything again. Which is why now I’m rabid about backing up my writing anywhere and everywhere. 😀

  5. Merrilee: I think I’m going to be paranoid now.

    Feywriter: Yikes! I’d be heartbroken if I lost everything.

    Beth: I’ve tried highlighting the text I want counted, but I doesn’t work. It still counts the entire document. Thanks for clearing up the Obama thing =)

    SaintAsh: It does burn, doesn’t it? It burnt me just losing a little bit. I keep three copies of my writing, on the laptop, on a USB, and on the family computer.

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