*Sigh* As I write this, I realise I have less than 14 hours of freedom holidays. Less, if you exclude sleeping time. Schools on tomorrow, so it’s time to check in on my holiday goals.

At the end of June, I made it a holiday goal to write the equivalent of 100 words a day. That equals 1800 words for the holidays. So how much did I write? A whopping 5.8K!!! Woo!

My goal overall this month was to write 3.1K (about 100words/day). So far it’s been easy, because I’ve been at home. The biggest challenge will be maintaining this goal after I’ve returned to school. To try and maintain this goal, I’m getting up at 6:00am to write. Have you ever tried that? It takes a lot of self discipline to get out of bed at that time of the morning. *Groan* I’ll be setting up my laptop the night before.

UPDATE: I just couldn’t get out of bed this morning. I was too tired, and I wasn’t sure if the sound was off on my laptop (I didn’t want to wake everyone). Nevermind, I’ll try again on Friday.

I’ve been thinking about writing about a homicide detective for a while now. In an attempt to be proactive, I started a character profile for him. I like his first name, William, but not so much his surname, Kirby. Any suggestions would be most welcome.


6 Responses to Freedom

  1. pochp says:

    I really admire your tenacity Jo. Bravo!
    I won’t be surprised if you make a bestseller one day.

    How about William Kroft or Willy Smite.

  2. beth says:

    Ugh–loss of freedom already?! Well, hopefully you’re like me and work better when you have less time 🙂 But I def couldn’t write at 6 in the morning. I can’t even THINK that early.

  3. Nice progress, well done 🙂

  4. Oh, and I like Bill Kirby. A nice solid name, if a bit old fashioned.

  5. Pochp: I’d be surprised if I became a bestseller. But what a lovely surprise it would be! Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot.

    Beth: Unfortunately, when I have less time, I am forced to prioritize. Writing usually ends up below assignments and homework. That’s why I chose 100 words a day – it won’t take up a lot of time to write, and should get me into habit of writing.

    Merrilee:I was thinking more of Will, rather than Bill. But thanks anyway.

  6. Bontemps says:

    Hey L’il Scrib!
    Sorry for the late reply just found your blog (via the query postings on Writing It Out blog), felt the need to comment.
    Nice work on the progress, I find it’s dead easy to come up with an excuse not to write, so good on you for keeping it up. Second, I would reverse the name – Kirby Williams sounds good to me.

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