June Noticeboard

After a dismal beginning of the month (well, most of the month, actually), I really picked up my writing these last two days. Yesterday, I made it my goal to  write 100 words/day, which would equal 1800 words. Hover, I smashed the 100 words goal, writing over 1200 words! And today, another 396.

Poseidon‘s Trident:
Current Chapter in First Draft (Typed) Stage:
Current Chapter in Edit Stage: None
Pages this Month: 3
Pages Overall: 36.5

Daniel Fox:
Current Story in Rough Draft Stage:
To Kill A Killer
Current Story in Edit Stage: None

Yesterday, I fixed up the prologue of PT, so it’s ready to resubmit to Authoress, as my entry for her 1000 word critique. For the rest of the day, and today as well, I worked on Chapter Seven.
TKAK was on hold all month, until today, when I took it out and wrote a bit more. I also scanned through TF, as part of an attempt to begin editing.

Goals for June:

  • Take TKAK of hold (again) Kind of.
  • Finish plot of PT Check
  • Work on PT Check.
  • Begin edits on TF – As much as I’d like it to, scanning through doesn’t count as editing.

Goals for July:

  • Write the equivalent of 100 words/day, aka 3100 words
  • Edit TF
  • Keep working on TKAK

Coming up this Month:

  • Another article on dialogue
  • An article looking at the reliability of Wikipedia.

It occurred to me earlier this month, that this blog has been running for five months now. To give an idea on what’s good about this blog, I went through all the old posts, and made a list of what’s popular, and what’s not. And so, I decided that the following posts will go:

  • Book Blog
  • Chapter Summary

I will keep the Noticeboard, but it will focus a bit more on updates of my WIP’s. I also decided to drop the ‘signoff’ at the end of every post (ie. Always Writing, Little Scribbler), because it began to feel like writing letters.


One Response to June Noticeboard

  1. Feywriter says:

    Great job smashing those goals!

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