From Picking Up Pace to an Abrupt Stop

Just a quick post to let you all know that I have exams next week, followed by Australian Business Week (ABW). That means that I’ll be extremely busy for the next fortnight studying for exams. This week, I’ve been spending every afternoon working on an assignment, and sometimes into the night. It’s taking a toll on my social, blogging, and sadly, my writing life.

It seems just a few weeks ago that I wrote that I was Picking Up Pace. Well, it’s come to an abrupt stop. I haven’t looked at any of my WIP’s for a couple of weeks now, let alone write. My life has been study…



It’s driving me mad. I have five exams over three days, then one days break before I begin ABW, which is for all Year 11 students. I will have to run a “business” for a week, and do stuff involving the stock market and stuff. It’s full on, and I’m guessing I will be doing stuff every night =(

And then I’ll be done. Gee I can’t wait for the holidays. Two weeks of doing nothing, except relaxing, and reading, and spending time outside (I havent been outside in about 3 weeks excluding school =O. I’m not kidding!!), and blogging, and writing. I’m sure my characters are missing me. I’m missing them.

While I’m away, answer this question for me. “Is Wikipedia a reliable research tool when researching for a WIP? Why/why not?”
I’m off now, to study…

…And study…

…And STUDY!!!!!!

You get the point.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


2 Responses to From Picking Up Pace to an Abrupt Stop

  1. Exams come first. You can get back to writing when you finish high school 🙂

    I think (as I said) that Wikipedia is fine for a preliminary review, but should never be used as the only source, and never for a serious research project. But for fiction research, it has its uses.

  2. Good luck with the exams!

    I think Wikipedia is good for a quick overview on a subject, but I certainly wouldn’t base my entire research on it. I like to pull my information from more than one source to see the different perspectives.

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