Chapter Summery

With 3 162 words, Chapter Six continues on from Chapter Five, and plunges straight into the action, with Lily jumping onto a snow mobile, and being chased by the security force, and ends in a cliff-hanger, with Lily being shot at by a helicopter, and going over the side of a cliff.

“Lily reached over behind her, and pulled the trigger of her gun. A bullet flew out, and hit the side of one of the snowmobiles behind her. The security guards behind her responded by firing a spray of rounds at her. Most missed, but Lily heard a few slam into the rear of her snowmobile.
Lily swerved left, then right, and fired three more shots. To Lily’s surprise, they all hit home. One found it’s mark on the shoulder of one of the drivers, and the other two hit the engine of the same snowmobile.
Smoke poured out of the engine, and that combined with the injured driver caused the gunner at the back to jump off the back. He landed on the snow and quickly rolled out of the way of the snowmobile behind him, knelt on one knee and pulled the trigger on his AK-47. A large burst of gunfire flew out of the barrel, and shot past Lily.”

It was really fun to write, but not as fun as some other chapters I’m going to be writing.  Chapter Seven involves a boat chase through the near-frozen water, and Chapter Eight will involve a chase through Shanghai.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


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