Picking Up Pace

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything besides yesterdays Book Blog, so I thought I’d update where I’m at with my novel.

I was sick on Tuesday, so I spent the day at home. I planned to get lots of writing done, but, as usual, I found so many other things to do, that I didn’t get a lot in. I did write about 800 words, which concluded Chapter Six (oops, have to write up a Chapter Summery).
On Friday, at 6am, I managed to drag myself from bed, switch the laptop on, and wrote until everyone else woke up. It was cold. Very cold. I was tired. Very tired. But I wrote until 6:30am. Brrrr. I got in about 200 words, which hasn’t been added to the Word Counter. I’ll do that now. That brings my WC total to about 14.9K. Not bad I suppose.

I feel that I’m finally getting somewhere on my novel. It might be because I’ve written about 1K this week (that’s more than usual folks), or because I have a Word Counter, because now I can see where I’m at. I’m finally picking up  pace on the novel.

Oh, I’m getting close to my New Years Resolution, of four pages per week. Currently, I’m on 3.5 pages/week, that’s including everything =)

Hmm… so what else is going on, writing wise? I took TKAK off hold at the beginning of the month and changed some things, but that’s kinda drifted back onto hold.
The teachers in my state are going on strike on Tuesday. I know for sure I wont be writing all day (lots of things to do), but I’m aiming to write a bit, maybe 100 words at least (doable), and that will put the WC of PT to 15K.

That’s about it for me. Coming soon, I’d like to do a 2-part blog post, about you, the reader. It’s going to be polls, about where you’re from, and stuff like that, because I think it’s really interesting as to where in the world people are reading this. Don’t you? That’s coming soon, and I’d love for you to vote. I’ll finally find out how many of you guys are in the US. (Authoress should do some polls like that… I should suggest it to her…)

So, where are you at in your writing? Editing? Submitting? 20K into the draft? 50K? 100K? I’d love to hear.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


2 Responses to Picking Up Pace

  1. I just hit 16k and I’m 1/4 of the way through chapter 6. I think the poll would be interesting.

  2. […] seems just a few weeks ago that I wrote that I was Picking Up Pace. Well, it’s come to an abrupt stop. I haven’t looked at any of my WIP’s for a couple of weeks […]

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