Book Blog – Area 7

I’m sad to admit that this probably isn’t my best Book Blog, but I’m tired, and want to post this tonight.


Area 7 is an action adventure novel written by aussie author, Matthew Reilly. It’s his fourth book, and second featuring Matthew’s hero, Captain Shane Schofield.

The novel starts with the President of the US visiting his country’s most secure facility (Area 7). Protecting him is Schofield and his team of US Marines. However, when an Air Force General, Charles Russel, begins a plan which he had been working on for over a decade, everyone is plunged into a game for survival.
Russel and his team (7th Squadron) take control of Area 7 and place the compound into lockdown.
Before the President was elected, a transmitter was attached to his heart during heart surgery. Once activated, the transmitter sends signals to a satellite. If the Presidents heart stops beating, then the transmitter fails to tranmitts signals, resulting in major US cities being blown up.
To make it even harder, the President must place his hand on a fingerprint snsor on the Nuclear Football, to keep those cities from exploding, every 90 minutes. This Nuclear Football is kept in Russel’s possesion.
When Russel attacks, many of the Marines the Secret Service are initially killed. The President, two Secret Service agents, and Schofiled and his friends manage to escape.
While moving through the compound, the President, and his guards he is travelling with, come across a set of prison cells, in which a scientist is locked up. After freeing and questioning him, the discover that prisoners are being tested on.
Meanwhile, Schofield and his group, after fleeing from the ground level hangar, make their way into the sublevels where they find a bedroom of a 6 year old boy named Kevin.
The president reveals the reason for his visit – to check up on a vaccine being developed for the Sinovirus, a genetically engineered virus that differentiates between the amount of pigmentation in a person’s skin, allowing it to target only people of a specific race. The president explains that to develop a vaccine for the Sinovirus (and protect America from biological weapons containing the Sinovirus) the scientists had to create a genetically engineered human, a boy named Kevin, who’s blood could be used to produce antibodies, and the prisoners being held at Area 7 are used as guinea pigs to test the vaccine.

Want to find out the end? You’ll have to read the book =)

Anyway, I rather enjoyed the book. Matthew Reilly has a new book, The Five Greatest Warriors, being released October 20, 2009, in Australia, and January 2010 for America and Europe.


Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


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