May Noticeboard

May 31, 2009

I wasn’t to productive, writing wise, this month. Sure, I started out well, but then I hit a bump. I realized my villain in PT had no motivation, so I had to spend the second half of the month figuring out why the villain wanted to weapon. I’ve now got a fair idea, but still a little unsure. I’ll talk more about it below. Anyway, I revamped the plot, and it’s just about done – just been taking a break so I can decide how to add a scene I want. Plus, I have two 1000 word essay due next week…

Poseidon‘s Trident:
Current Chapter in First Draft (Typed) Stage:
Current Chapter in Edit Stage: None
Pages this Month: 4.5
Pages Overall: 33.5

Daniel Fox:
Current Story in Rough Draft Stage:
To Kill A Killer
Current Story in Edit Stage: None

The problem I’m having with PT is villain motivation – I have no idea why he wants the weapon so bad. I asked it on Twitter, and received only one reply. To control governments. You can help expand that answer by answer the following question:

“Why would you kill to gain control of a mythological weapon that could: Create/dry up water sources; and cause earthquakes, which would cause tsunamis (strong enough to wreck entire cities)?”

Leave your answers below in the comments section =)

Goals for May:

  • Finish the tally systemYes. All done
  • Stocktake Yep.
  • Take TKAK off hold – Kind of… I worked on it at the beginning, but I was forgotten when the villain problem arose.
  • Keep working on PT – No. As I said, working on that problem.

Goals for June:

  • Take TKAK of hold (again)
  • Finish plot of PT
  • Work on PT
  • Begin edits on TF

I’m trying something new this month – I’m going to explain what’s coming up.

Later this week:
A two-part poll on you.
Next week: Another article, this one on tips for good dialogue. If you missed the first article on dialogue, click here to visit it. Feel free to comment still.
Book Blog: Angels and Demons. I want to compare it to the movie as well.
End of the month/Early July: Some polls regarding feedback – what you enjoy about this blog.

Well, there you have it. Something for every week of the month. Before I go, don’t forget to have ago at the question, and it would be much appreciated.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


5 Rules for Puncuating Dialogue

May 28, 2009

Looking at what makes other writer blogs so successful and popular, I’ve noticed they have one thing in common – they all post articles on how to be a better writer. Well, I’ve decided to try it out with my article on dialogue.

Dialogue. Every book has it, and it would be hard (if not impossible) to write a good novel with out it. So it’s important it’s good and believable, because believable dialogue equals believable characters.  So, here’s five rules for punctuating dialogue. But, before I start,  some terminology.


  • Tag Line: The words used to identify who spoke the words. Eg “he said”, “she shouted”
  • Quotation: The piece of speech (dialogue).
  • Double Quote: “ ” Used for spoken dialogue.
  • Single Quote: ‘ ’

5 Rules for Punctuating Dialogue:

  1. Use a comma between the dialogue and the tag line.
    eg. “I hope you enjoy this article,”Little Scribbler said.
  2. Use double quotes for quotations, and only use single quotes when referring to a quotation inside a quotation.
    eg. “This is a good article”.
    eg. “Did you enjoy reading the novel ‘Poseidon’s Trident’ by Little Scribbler?”

  3. If the quotation is longer than one paragraph, do not use the ending quote until the end of the quotation, but use a beginning quotation at the beginning of  the next paragraph.
    eg. “I did not destroy your novel. It was not me, but that funny looking man over there.
    “He also destroyed my novel, and Mrs Storee’s as well”.     Okay, not the best dialogue, but you get the point.

  4. Comma’s and periods go inside the quotes, but other punctuation marks (?, !, -) go outside, unless they are directly relevant to the quotation.
    eg. “ I Love your book! Do you love my book?” – Exclamation and question marks are relevant to the quotation.
    eg. “Did he say ‘I love your book’?” – Question mark is not relevant to the single quoted quotation.
  5. When a tag line interrupts the quotation, it should be offset by commas. The first letter of the second half of the dialogue should not be a capital.
    eg. “I love your novel,” he said, “It was really good.”

Wow. That wasn’t to bad. I should write some more articles some time. It turned out quite big too. I was going to have some more on dialogue (tips), but I’ll save that for the next article. Don’t forget to leave comments. I live on comments.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler

How Lovely!

May 25, 2009
One Lovely Blog Award - Given to me by Kasie West

One Lovely Blog Award - Given to me by Kasie West

Earlier this month, I was fortunate to receive the One Lovely Blog Award from Kasie West. Thanks Kasie.

I’m really thrilled about the award, because it means I have an audience out there in the world, who appreciate my blog (you have no idea what it’s like to blog with no audience. It’s like talking to yourself =) ). I don’t know if I have an audience because I’m with WordPress, not freewebs, or because I’m reading other peoples blogs and commenting.
Anyway, I have an award.

However, there are rules with this award.

  1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
  2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Well, I’ll let you know now that I don’t even follow 15 blogs, so I’ll just choose as many as I know. It’s a good thing they (the makers of this award) left out just how long you could follow the blog before it wasn’t new, otherwise I’d be passing the award to, like one person.
Anyway, I’ll pass the award to (in no particular order, just as I think of them):

Merrilee Faber: This fellow Australian writer comes up with some really good posts. Plus, she’s cool to talk too on Twitter.
Saint Know-All: Saint Know-All wrote a really cool short story, and posts heaps good artwork.
Jenn Johannson: I can’t actually pinpoint what I love about her blog, but I keep finding my way back there…
Agnes: Not a writing blog, but she does post some interesting posts about her views on life.
Anna Cotton: She’s writing a thriller novel, and posting it on her blog as she goes. I love the story, but I never seem to find time to read it.
Lyn Colt: As with Jenn, I don’t know what I love about Lyn’s blog, but I’m always returning to it.
Natalie: Draws cool pictures, and is seemingly in love with two things – ninja’s and the colour orange.
K M Weiland: A published author (the only one I know, I think…) she writes great articles on her blog. I’m glad she followed my on Twitter, otherwise I never would have found her.
Feywriter: I wasn’t sure whether to include Feywriter on this list, because I discovered her a long time ago. But I figured, Feywriter was the reason I got a blog, so if it wasn’t for her, I’d never be here, posting this.

Ooooh. Almost a ten. But I just cannot think of one more. I’d add Kasie, but I can’t. So there you go. Congrats guys. You people are the reason it always takes me at least 20 minutes to begin homework in the afternoon when on the computer. Lol. I’ll put the award on the page “About Little Scribbler”. If you have a WordPress blog, and know how I could put the award in the sidebar, drop me a comment or Email me.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler

Chapter Summery

May 20, 2009

With 3 162 words, Chapter Six continues on from Chapter Five, and plunges straight into the action, with Lily jumping onto a snow mobile, and being chased by the security force, and ends in a cliff-hanger, with Lily being shot at by a helicopter, and going over the side of a cliff.

“Lily reached over behind her, and pulled the trigger of her gun. A bullet flew out, and hit the side of one of the snowmobiles behind her. The security guards behind her responded by firing a spray of rounds at her. Most missed, but Lily heard a few slam into the rear of her snowmobile.
Lily swerved left, then right, and fired three more shots. To Lily’s surprise, they all hit home. One found it’s mark on the shoulder of one of the drivers, and the other two hit the engine of the same snowmobile.
Smoke poured out of the engine, and that combined with the injured driver caused the gunner at the back to jump off the back. He landed on the snow and quickly rolled out of the way of the snowmobile behind him, knelt on one knee and pulled the trigger on his AK-47. A large burst of gunfire flew out of the barrel, and shot past Lily.”

It was really fun to write, but not as fun as some other chapters I’m going to be writing.  Chapter Seven involves a boat chase through the near-frozen water, and Chapter Eight will involve a chase through Shanghai.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler

Picking Up Pace

May 16, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything besides yesterdays Book Blog, so I thought I’d update where I’m at with my novel.

I was sick on Tuesday, so I spent the day at home. I planned to get lots of writing done, but, as usual, I found so many other things to do, that I didn’t get a lot in. I did write about 800 words, which concluded Chapter Six (oops, have to write up a Chapter Summery).
On Friday, at 6am, I managed to drag myself from bed, switch the laptop on, and wrote until everyone else woke up. It was cold. Very cold. I was tired. Very tired. But I wrote until 6:30am. Brrrr. I got in about 200 words, which hasn’t been added to the Word Counter. I’ll do that now. That brings my WC total to about 14.9K. Not bad I suppose.

I feel that I’m finally getting somewhere on my novel. It might be because I’ve written about 1K this week (that’s more than usual folks), or because I have a Word Counter, because now I can see where I’m at. I’m finally picking up  pace on the novel.

Oh, I’m getting close to my New Years Resolution, of four pages per week. Currently, I’m on 3.5 pages/week, that’s including everything =)

Hmm… so what else is going on, writing wise? I took TKAK off hold at the beginning of the month and changed some things, but that’s kinda drifted back onto hold.
The teachers in my state are going on strike on Tuesday. I know for sure I wont be writing all day (lots of things to do), but I’m aiming to write a bit, maybe 100 words at least (doable), and that will put the WC of PT to 15K.

That’s about it for me. Coming soon, I’d like to do a 2-part blog post, about you, the reader. It’s going to be polls, about where you’re from, and stuff like that, because I think it’s really interesting as to where in the world people are reading this. Don’t you? That’s coming soon, and I’d love for you to vote. I’ll finally find out how many of you guys are in the US. (Authoress should do some polls like that… I should suggest it to her…)

So, where are you at in your writing? Editing? Submitting? 20K into the draft? 50K? 100K? I’d love to hear.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler

Book Blog – Area 7

May 15, 2009

I’m sad to admit that this probably isn’t my best Book Blog, but I’m tired, and want to post this tonight.


Area 7 is an action adventure novel written by aussie author, Matthew Reilly. It’s his fourth book, and second featuring Matthew’s hero, Captain Shane Schofield.

The novel starts with the President of the US visiting his country’s most secure facility (Area 7). Protecting him is Schofield and his team of US Marines. However, when an Air Force General, Charles Russel, begins a plan which he had been working on for over a decade, everyone is plunged into a game for survival.
Russel and his team (7th Squadron) take control of Area 7 and place the compound into lockdown.
Before the President was elected, a transmitter was attached to his heart during heart surgery. Once activated, the transmitter sends signals to a satellite. If the Presidents heart stops beating, then the transmitter fails to tranmitts signals, resulting in major US cities being blown up.
To make it even harder, the President must place his hand on a fingerprint snsor on the Nuclear Football, to keep those cities from exploding, every 90 minutes. This Nuclear Football is kept in Russel’s possesion.
When Russel attacks, many of the Marines the Secret Service are initially killed. The President, two Secret Service agents, and Schofiled and his friends manage to escape.
While moving through the compound, the President, and his guards he is travelling with, come across a set of prison cells, in which a scientist is locked up. After freeing and questioning him, the discover that prisoners are being tested on.
Meanwhile, Schofield and his group, after fleeing from the ground level hangar, make their way into the sublevels where they find a bedroom of a 6 year old boy named Kevin.
The president reveals the reason for his visit – to check up on a vaccine being developed for the Sinovirus, a genetically engineered virus that differentiates between the amount of pigmentation in a person’s skin, allowing it to target only people of a specific race. The president explains that to develop a vaccine for the Sinovirus (and protect America from biological weapons containing the Sinovirus) the scientists had to create a genetically engineered human, a boy named Kevin, who’s blood could be used to produce antibodies, and the prisoners being held at Area 7 are used as guinea pigs to test the vaccine.

Want to find out the end? You’ll have to read the book =)

Anyway, I rather enjoyed the book. Matthew Reilly has a new book, The Five Greatest Warriors, being released October 20, 2009, in Australia, and January 2010 for America and Europe.


Always Writing,

Little Scribbler

(An extremely late) April Noticebooard

May 2, 2009

Sorry guys, that it took so long to post this Noticeboard. I completely forgot until last night. Still, better late than never.
Winter is coming, and I’m getting sick.  Blocked nose 😦
Anyway, blogging’s been a bit slow round here. So has writing. I haven’t written for ages. With all those assignments, I just haven’t got time.

Poseidon‘s Trident (used to be Lily Gunn):
Current Chapter in First Draft (Typed) Stage:
Current Chapter in Edit Stage: None
Pages this Month: 6 (according to my tally. I’m not sure how correct that is).
Pages Overall: 25 (again, this is according to my tally)

Daniel Fox:
Current Story in Rough Draft Stage:
To Kill A Killer
Current Story in Edit Stage: None

I changed over my tally system, which lets me know how many pages I’ve written each week, and on what. I changed the system over to something different, to be more accurate. As you can see on the Poseidon’s Trident stats, it doesn’t seem to be so accurate. Last month, the pages overall was 17.5. But now, it comes up at 25. 17.5 + 6 does not equal 25.
I’ll be doing a, well, stocktake, I suppose. I’m going to count up all the pages on everything, to get a correct number of pages on everything, and check if they match with my tally.
As you can see, I’m still writing the Daniel Fox short story, TKAK. It’s kind of been on hold, as I’ve been busy.

Needless to say, I did not accomplish my single goal, of writing 3 pages a week. According to my tally, I wrote 6 pages in one week, and that was it.

Goals for May:

  • Finish the tally system
  • Stocktake
  • Take TKAK off hold
  • Keep working on PT

Strangely, I feel good about this months goals. I think I will complete them all. Fingers crossed.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler