Chapter Summery

Chapter Five, unlike the other chapters, which begin at a time after the previous chapter finished, takes place where Chapter four left off.
For example, Chapter Two is a week before Chapter One, and Chapter Three is a couple of days after Chapter Two. Unlike those chapters, Chapter Five begins right after Chapter Four (if that makes sense).

In the opening of Chapter Five, Lily has found herself looking at an amazing golden temple. The team all go inside, where they are attacked by horrible beasts. Lily escapes, only to be attacked by a security guard ordered to capture her.

Here’s an excerpt:

“30 metres to go.
Her arms and legs were both beginning to burn, and her lungs ached. Her heart beat fast, and Danielle was close to the exit. ‘Come on Lily!’ Danielle cried. You can do it!’
‘I know!’ Lily screamed.
Lily paused, aimed her weapon, and fired several times. Of the six shotws, three hit the statue in the chest, one in the arm, and the other two flew past, stricking the ground below. Her weapon clicked, and Lily dropped it, cursing loudly.
‘Here! Take mine.’ Danielle dropped her gun down the tunnel, and Lily caught it. She fired twice more.
20 metres to go.
Danielle reached the top, and was pulled out by the figure above. Lily realised it was one of Garor’s security men.
‘Faster Lily!’ Danielle yelled down the tunnel. ‘It’s gaining on you!’
‘Shoot it!’
‘I cant! I might hit you!’”

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


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