Chapter Summery

Chapter Four is complete. It did take a little longer than expected, but I was busy with school.

Chapter Four begins with Lily on a helicopter above the Drake Passage (below Argentina) on the 28th of October, where she meets her new friend, Danielle King. The beginning of Chapter Four is about the reader discovering who Lily is. The second half is discovering the golden temple.

A few excerpts:

“The helicopter descended slowly, and with a few bumps on the way down. When the Bell 407 was about five metres from the deck, a door opened out onto the deck near the landing pad, and several men exited. The leader, Garor, waved up.
The Bell 407 touched down, and one man rushed forward, and opened the door to the cabin. An icy blast of wind rushed in, chilling Lily to her bones. She gasped in shock.
The three passengers were helped down, where Garor greeted them.”

“Planning on shooting something, Miss King?’ She asked sharply.
‘Danielle look up. ‘Huh?’ She glanced down at a pair of handguns. ‘Oh, them. Don’t worry. I can explain.’
‘Be my guest.’
‘Quite simply,’ Danielle said, ‘I don’t trust Mr. Garor.’
‘Why not?’
‘First of all, there are about thirty security guards aboard this ship. I asked Mr. Garor about them, and he told me it was because of the pirates that might to attack on our way back with anything of value.’
‘Sounds reasonable to me.’ Lily interjected.
‘Perhaps, but no one knows where we are. And, do you know how he knows where to find this temple?’
‘No one does. I think that Mr. Garor knows something that he doesn’t want anyone  else to know.’
‘So, your bringing along weapons because of a suspicion?’ Lily asked sceptically.
‘That, and because I think it’s better to have a gun, but not use it than to need a gun, but not have one. Better safe than sorry, in other words. Besides, if there really are pirates, aren’t you going to want a gun?’”

I have a few questions, regarding the second excerpt.
Is Danielle’s reasoning convincing? Have I kind of set up that Garor is not to be trusted? Would you want a gun after she said that? Please comment.

I tried hard to  get this chapter to 3K of words, and did quite well. I got the word count to about 3.6K, then decided the last 550 words of the chapter could be used in Chapter Five. So the word count for this chapter is 3040 words.
Talking of Chapter Five, take a look at this sentence.

“The large golden room echoed with screams of terrified and dying people, monstrous roars of the wild statues, and loud bangs of gunfire.”

I got goosebumps as I wrote that sentence. I don’t know why. Perhaps I had a very clear mental picture of what was happening.

By the way, I searched for the origin of April Fools Day on Wikipedia. My version wasn’t on there, but there were some others. You should check them out. They’re interesting.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


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