My Adventure, or, How I Got Home on Thursday

It flooded yesterday, and it was quite an adventure.

It all started at about 12pm. It started raining sooo hard, everyone was drenched. I tried to stay out of the rain, but no luck. I was soaked.
We went to class, but, about halfway through the class, we were all told to go to the hall, where they told us it was flooding in some places. My bus got called, so I waited under a building for my bus. It didn’t come.
At about 1:30pm, I was told my bus was cut off, and couldn’t pick me up. I borrowed a phone and called home. No one answered. I kept trying every now and then, and finally got through to my mum at about 2pm. She said she was cut off, and my dad would get me at 3:30pm. I waited, and waited, and waited. A kid who lives near me was going, but I couldn’t get through to home (I need my mum to call the school and tell them I could go with the kid).
Thankfully, at 3pm, my dad arrived. He picked me and some other kid (lets call him Pete). Pete’s mum gave us permission to take Pete.
We drove through a back road to the primary school, where we picked up my little sibling, my neighbor, his mum (a teacher), and another little girl who lives near by. We also took a little boy through flood waters to his mum. We dropped him off. That made eight in the seven seat car.
Back along the back road we travelled, to a nearby suburb, where my neighbor was staying with a friend. We took her (that made nine) and went to my other siblings school (ten).
Again through the back road, where we turned onto a dirt road.
After a very bumpy ride, we made it into my suburb, where we finally got home. This was at 4:15pm.

Well,  what an adventure. I was glad to be home.
Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


One Response to My Adventure, or, How I Got Home on Thursday

  1. Feywriter says:

    Wow, that is an adventure. Glad you made it through the flooding.

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