I’m Sorry…

I’m sorry. With all this school work and stuff, it just isn’t possible for me to continue writing. I’ve decided not to be a writer anymore, and will be shutting down this blog.

April Fools.

I’m sorry, bad prank I know, but I felt it was necessary to acknowledge April 1. I won’t do it again (until maybe next April…).

Just out of curiosity, do you know where this holiday came from? It’s from the ancient times (Roman, I think, but don’t quote me) when Christianity was decided to  be the Roman religion, and no one was allowed to worship Pagan gods. Now, an important  pagan holiday was on April 1, but when that religion was banned, anyone who celebrated that holiday was in big doo doo (probably death), and considered a fool. So, only fools worshiped on that day. Thus, April Fools day.

So there you go. Bet you didn’t know that one.

Anyway, there’s a lady named Authoress, and I read her blog all the time. She’s written an eBook, Agent: Demystified, which is about agents (it’s non-fiction).
It only  costs a low low price of $9.99 US (very good price, if I say so myself), but as I live  in Australia, I wasn’t allowed to buy it (something about sending money overseas, security purposes, my parents said). It’s bound to be a great read, and I encourage you to purchase it. You wont regret it. And while you’re on Authoress’s blog, check it out. She’s great, and you’ll end up reading her all the time. You can find out more about her eBook by clicking here, or checking the sidebar.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler

PS. I just checked out Authoress’s blog, and there’s a special!!!! Buy one, get one free! Perfect present for any author! Better be quick. Offer expires April 4


One Response to I’m Sorry…

  1. Feywriter says:

    Very cool info on the origin of the holiday. I didn’t know that. Good to know you’re not really giving up writing. 😉

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