Random Topics

There’s a few things I wanted to write about, but each topic on its own was too small to get its own blog, and I had no blog to add these topics onto the end of, so,  I’ve decided to put them all together in one blog. (I came up with the idea in the shower!) Here it is:

1. Email:

After much pondering, I decided to make an email for my writing self. You can use it to email me at anytime with questions, or just anything. I’ll do my best to respond within a few days.  Please, feel free to email me. I love emails!
You can email me at: littlescribbler@hotmail.com

If you are now dying for an excuse to email me, here is one: I’m thinking of getting Twitter. Email in, and tell me about Twitter (especially if you have it). What’s it like? Is it easy to use? What are some good points? Bad points? If your on WordPress, is there anyway I can put it onto my blog, with the most recent updates? I’ve seen it done on Blogger. Most importantly, if I had Twitter, would you follow me? Please tell me.

3.Rogue Angel:
In the comments section of the recent Book Blog (Black Wind), one reader, Feywriter, told me about a good book series – Rogue Angel. Thanks Feywriter! I looked it up on Wikipedia, and agree, it does sound good. Unfortunately, when I tried searching for it in my library’s website, they didn’t have any of the books!! :-O I’m disappointed because I was going to do a Book Blog on it, but now, I can’t. Perhaps, if anyone has read one, they might like to write me a Book Blog on it. I’d like to have interactivity on this blog. If you’re interested, email me, so I can discuss it with you.

Well, that’s all, and I must say, it’s a reasonable blog size. Don’t forget to email me!

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


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