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The book, Black Wind is an action/adventure novel, written by Clive Cussler in November 2004. It features Cussler’s main protagonist, Dirk Pitt, and Pitt’s son, Dirk Pitt Jnr. (referred to as Dirk).

The novel opens in the Aleutian Islands, where Sarah Matson and a team of CDC explorers are infected with a deadly illness. After Dirk (who was onboard a nearby NUMA [National Underwater Marine Agency] vessel) saves them, Dirk returns to the Island to investigate the virus. However, their helicopter is gunned down by a mysterious trawler, but Dirk survives and determines the virus is a compound of cyanide and smallpox.

Meanwhile, a US Ambassador is golfing in Japan when a sniper, who the author identifies as Tongju, kills him. Tongju also assassinates the Ambassadors deputy, while leaving clues that the hit was from a Japanese terror group.

Dirk visits St Julian Pearlmutter (a marine history researcher) who happens upon a sunken Japanese submarine – the I-430. Dirk and his sidekick, Dahlgren dive on the wreck, but its ordinance has been removed.
Meanwhile, Pitt and Giordano are also discovering Japanese ordinance poisoning the marine life in the Philippines.

In South Korea, Kang, a North Korean sleeper agent is attempting to reunite the two countries. He plans to frame a US Service man with the murder of a young South Korean girl to cause unrest, while Tonju steals more Japanese toxins. Kang orders Tongju to kill Dirk. However, Dirk manages to foil the attempt on his life.

NUMA researcher Hiram Yeager discovers the toxins are from a Japanese submarine in the South China Sea. Dirk, Pitt, and his daughter (Dirks sister Summer dive on the wreck, but Tongju and his team seize the vessel. After taking the recovered toxin and kidnapping Dirk and Summer, the North Koreans sabotage the salvage ship and leave the imprisoned crew to drown. Fortunately, Pitt helps the crew escape.

Dirk and summer are taken to Kang’s yacht, where he taunts them, before leaving them to drown. They manage to escape and make their way to the USA.
The NUMA team, with the aid of the US government, search all cargo vessels that may be carrying the toxin, but the real plan is revealed when Tongju and his team hijack a blimp with the intention to fire a warhead filled with the toxin at a G8 summit.
When the plan is uncovered, Dirk and a team of Navy SEALS attack Kang as he attempts to escape on his yacht.

Overall, the book was very good, and I enjoyed it.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


2 Responses to Book Blog – Black Wind

  1. Feywriter says:

    I should have you write my synopsis. You’d probably like the series I’m reading. Rogue Angel. It’s a paranormal action-adventure, about an archeologist with a magic sword that once belonged to Joan of Arc.

  2. Rogue Angel sounds interesting. I’ll look out for it at my local library. Thanks for the compliment. To tell you the truth, I had to use Wikipedia a little bit – I can never remember all the small details by the time I get to the end.

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