Chapter Summery

I completed Chapter Three quickly, mainly because of its size however, it took longer to post a blog about it. At about 630 words, the chapter will probably end up being the smallest chapter in the novel.  Assuming that each page of the book has 250 words (I don’t know how that is, but I read that statistic all the time. Can anyone explain???), than the chapter will be two and a half pages long.

“‘I plan on going on an archaeological expedition to the Antarctic, where I believe, that with your funding, I can find an ancient temple, if you like, which is dated at nearly three and a half thousand years old.’
Lily quickly calculated a date. ‘That would put its date of construction at about 1 500 BC.’
‘Well…’ Lily started.
‘As an amateur archaeologist, I’m sure you realise the importance of this find.’ Garor continued. ‘It would be the find of the century. It would almost be as significant as… Atlantis!’”

Chapter Three is the chapter in which Lily is roped into the adventure. Without the events in this chapter, Lily wouldn’t go to the Antarctic, and there would be no book.

On another topic, in my last Chapter Summery, I wondered if, in the excerpt featuring a call from the police, the “death call” was realistic. I received a comment from Saint Know-all. Heeding his comment, I made changes to that part of the chapter, and here if the new excerpt:

“‘I’m afraid I come with bad news.’ Brown replied. ‘Lady, Miss Gunn, there’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll be straightforward.’ Brown took a deep breath. ‘I’m sorry to say that your father has been presumed… dead in a mid air explosion. I’m so sorry.’
‘What?!’ Lily yelped.
‘I’m sorry.’ Brown repeated. ‘There’s not much other I can tell you, except that the plane he was supposed to be on exploded in midair over the English Channel. No bodies have been identified, but there are no survivors, so it‘s unlikely he survived.’”

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


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