March Noticeboard

March 31, 2009

Ah, the end of March. The days are getting cooler, here in Australia. Winter is coming…

Anyway, here are the statistics for the month of March:

Lily Gunn:
Current Chapter in First Draft (Typed) Stage: 4/42
Current Chapter in Edit Stage: None
Pages this Month: 5
Pages Overall: 17.5

Daniel Fox:
Current Story in Rough Draft Stage: To Kill A Killer
Current Story in Edit Stage: None

As you can see above, I didn’t do to well on the goal of three pages a week. I was very busy in the first half, but I excelled in the last two weeks, with seven pages.

Now for goals:

  • Try to write at least 3 pages a week
  • Complete homework on night it’s set, to give me more time to write – Tried, but had too much
  • Get people to read my blog (one of my NY Resolutions)Done, I’d say. Got at least one reader who comments a lot. Thanks SKA
  • Start either a new DF short story, or a police mystery Check. Started new DF ss. To Kill A Killer.

Only got two of those four goals done. I must work harder…

Anyway, Yay, holidays coming soon. As far as I know, I’m not going away on holidays, so I’ll be ablle to do lots of writing on the holidays.

Goals for April

  • Write 3 pages a week

As I sat at my computer, I couldn’t think of any other goals, so that one will do. Hopefully, that one goal will be keepable (if that’s a word…)

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


I’m a Tweeter!

March 30, 2009

Yes, that’s right, I have finally decided to get Twitter.
If you’re on Twitter, don’t forget to add me. My user name is littlescribbler, and my URL is:
If you don’t have Twitter, you can see my latest posts, or “Tweets” in the sidebar to the right.

Onto something completely different, you may have noticed my blog looks different (I hope you noticed, because otherwise would have to be blind). I recently discovered the widgets. I knew they were there, but I thought they were sparkly pictures that moved. However, I saw a WordPress announcement thing about adding Twitter to your blog, and hey presto, I found what the widgets really were. I added some widgets, and decided my blog needed a new theme, and, after much “oh, none of them are just right”, I finally settled on this.
I’m still adding widgets and looking for a cool theme (not that this one is great) so don’t be surprised if the theme continues the change over the next couple of weeks.

Oh, and I haven’t received a single email from you guys, or comments in ages! I mean, come on, there has to be something you want to say. Anything. It could be “Wow LS, Twitter looks cool. Will you add me if I join?” (If you need my email address, check in the sidebar.)

Always Tweeting,

Little Scribbler

Random Topics

March 23, 2009

There’s a few things I wanted to write about, but each topic on its own was too small to get its own blog, and I had no blog to add these topics onto the end of, so,  I’ve decided to put them all together in one blog. (I came up with the idea in the shower!) Here it is:

1. Email:

After much pondering, I decided to make an email for my writing self. You can use it to email me at anytime with questions, or just anything. I’ll do my best to respond within a few days.  Please, feel free to email me. I love emails!
You can email me at:

If you are now dying for an excuse to email me, here is one: I’m thinking of getting Twitter. Email in, and tell me about Twitter (especially if you have it). What’s it like? Is it easy to use? What are some good points? Bad points? If your on WordPress, is there anyway I can put it onto my blog, with the most recent updates? I’ve seen it done on Blogger. Most importantly, if I had Twitter, would you follow me? Please tell me.

3.Rogue Angel:
In the comments section of the recent Book Blog (Black Wind), one reader, Feywriter, told me about a good book series – Rogue Angel. Thanks Feywriter! I looked it up on Wikipedia, and agree, it does sound good. Unfortunately, when I tried searching for it in my library’s website, they didn’t have any of the books!! :-O I’m disappointed because I was going to do a Book Blog on it, but now, I can’t. Perhaps, if anyone has read one, they might like to write me a Book Blog on it. I’d like to have interactivity on this blog. If you’re interested, email me, so I can discuss it with you.

Well, that’s all, and I must say, it’s a reasonable blog size. Don’t forget to email me!

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler

Book Blog – Black Wind

March 16, 2009

The book, Black Wind is an action/adventure novel, written by Clive Cussler in November 2004. It features Cussler’s main protagonist, Dirk Pitt, and Pitt’s son, Dirk Pitt Jnr. (referred to as Dirk).

The novel opens in the Aleutian Islands, where Sarah Matson and a team of CDC explorers are infected with a deadly illness. After Dirk (who was onboard a nearby NUMA [National Underwater Marine Agency] vessel) saves them, Dirk returns to the Island to investigate the virus. However, their helicopter is gunned down by a mysterious trawler, but Dirk survives and determines the virus is a compound of cyanide and smallpox.

Meanwhile, a US Ambassador is golfing in Japan when a sniper, who the author identifies as Tongju, kills him. Tongju also assassinates the Ambassadors deputy, while leaving clues that the hit was from a Japanese terror group.

Dirk visits St Julian Pearlmutter (a marine history researcher) who happens upon a sunken Japanese submarine – the I-430. Dirk and his sidekick, Dahlgren dive on the wreck, but its ordinance has been removed.
Meanwhile, Pitt and Giordano are also discovering Japanese ordinance poisoning the marine life in the Philippines.

In South Korea, Kang, a North Korean sleeper agent is attempting to reunite the two countries. He plans to frame a US Service man with the murder of a young South Korean girl to cause unrest, while Tonju steals more Japanese toxins. Kang orders Tongju to kill Dirk. However, Dirk manages to foil the attempt on his life.

NUMA researcher Hiram Yeager discovers the toxins are from a Japanese submarine in the South China Sea. Dirk, Pitt, and his daughter (Dirks sister Summer dive on the wreck, but Tongju and his team seize the vessel. After taking the recovered toxin and kidnapping Dirk and Summer, the North Koreans sabotage the salvage ship and leave the imprisoned crew to drown. Fortunately, Pitt helps the crew escape.

Dirk and summer are taken to Kang’s yacht, where he taunts them, before leaving them to drown. They manage to escape and make their way to the USA.
The NUMA team, with the aid of the US government, search all cargo vessels that may be carrying the toxin, but the real plan is revealed when Tongju and his team hijack a blimp with the intention to fire a warhead filled with the toxin at a G8 summit.
When the plan is uncovered, Dirk and a team of Navy SEALS attack Kang as he attempts to escape on his yacht.

Overall, the book was very good, and I enjoyed it.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler

Chapter Summery

March 11, 2009

I completed Chapter Three quickly, mainly because of its size however, it took longer to post a blog about it. At about 630 words, the chapter will probably end up being the smallest chapter in the novel.  Assuming that each page of the book has 250 words (I don’t know how that is, but I read that statistic all the time. Can anyone explain???), than the chapter will be two and a half pages long.

“‘I plan on going on an archaeological expedition to the Antarctic, where I believe, that with your funding, I can find an ancient temple, if you like, which is dated at nearly three and a half thousand years old.’
Lily quickly calculated a date. ‘That would put its date of construction at about 1 500 BC.’
‘Well…’ Lily started.
‘As an amateur archaeologist, I’m sure you realise the importance of this find.’ Garor continued. ‘It would be the find of the century. It would almost be as significant as… Atlantis!’”

Chapter Three is the chapter in which Lily is roped into the adventure. Without the events in this chapter, Lily wouldn’t go to the Antarctic, and there would be no book.

On another topic, in my last Chapter Summery, I wondered if, in the excerpt featuring a call from the police, the “death call” was realistic. I received a comment from Saint Know-all. Heeding his comment, I made changes to that part of the chapter, and here if the new excerpt:

“‘I’m afraid I come with bad news.’ Brown replied. ‘Lady, Miss Gunn, there’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll be straightforward.’ Brown took a deep breath. ‘I’m sorry to say that your father has been presumed… dead in a mid air explosion. I’m so sorry.’
‘What?!’ Lily yelped.
‘I’m sorry.’ Brown repeated. ‘There’s not much other I can tell you, except that the plane he was supposed to be on exploded in midair over the English Channel. No bodies have been identified, but there are no survivors, so it‘s unlikely he survived.’”

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler

How I Have Changed + Character Description

March 10, 2009

It’s funny, looking back in my writing career, how much I’ve changed. When I first started writing (back in ‘05), I was working on a (pathetically stupid) novel titled “Inside Job”. Oh, the stupidity! Looking back, I cringe at how the characters did not think to check on the employee who had seen the doctor, and turned up just after the robbery; and how one of the cops, who came close to being hit by a speeding car, could have to spend close to a week in hospital being treated for shock, then not be able to remember an important detail. Cringe!
I’ve also changed in the way I create my story plans and character descriptions. The story plan was merely dotpoints, so:

Chapter One:

  • Bomb Threat

Chapter Two:

  • Bomb Threat (Continued)

Chapter Seventeen:

  • Go to suspects house
  • Search it
  • Cant find evidence

You get the point.

The character descriptions were just as bad:

  • Name is Julie Narm
  • Blue eyes
  • Red hair
  • Likes Jacob
  • Has doll collection

Fortunatly, I have changed (lots).

Story plans are now full paragraphs explaining what happens. Eg:

Lily is working on a dig near London, when she is told news of her fathers death. She races to Gunn Manor, where Lord Gunn’s death is confirmed. Lily breaks down in tears.

The character descriptions have changed as well. I use a template I got of (or, WDC as it is called by members). I would copy and paste it here, but that might be considered theft/ plagiarism. So here’s the link. Check it out. If you have another template you use, send me a comment – I’d love to see it. Oh, and don’t be afraid to comment. I don’t bite (seriously). If you have something to say, anything, just comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler

Chapter Summery

March 6, 2009

I finished chapter two a few days ago, but this is my first chance to post it. “Where is the first chapter summery?” you may ask. Well, it hasn’t been written yet. You see, chapter one is like an excerpt of later in the book. Or, instead of a flashback, it is a flashforward. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, Chapter Two is a little over 1 400 words (9 over to be exact), and takes place on the 18th of October in England. In the chapter, Lily, the MC (main character) is working at an archaeological dig, when she receives news of her father’s death. An excerpt (well, two) for you to enjoy:

“Lily stiffened. She hadn’t seen her father in a while. Not since her birthday, in July. She had moved out of home four years ago, when she was 19, to live in London and study archaeology at the London University, much to her father’s dismay. She had lived with Sam in an apartment block in London, seeing her father only seven or eight times a year. She did call regularly though.


“‘I’m afraid I come with bad news.’ Brown replied. ‘Lady, Miss Gunn, there’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll be straightforward.’ Brown took a deep breath. ‘I’m sorry to say that your father has been… killed. I’m so sorry.’
‘What?!’ Lily yelped.
‘I’m sorry.’ Brown repeated. ‘There’s not much other I can tell you, except that the plane he was on exploded in midair over the English Channel. No bodies have been identified, but there are no survivors.’”

I hope you liked it. As I said above, the word count is 1409 words. Would you consider this to be average” length? Please tell me, through the comment box, what you consider average length for a chapter. Would I have to add another chapter to Chapter Two, or beef it out? In addition, was Inspector Brown’s death call realistic? Is that how a police officer would break the news? Please comment. Any other feedback would be lovely.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler