February Noticeboard

Phew. End of the first month for this blog. It’s been quite busy, but sadly, for all the wrong reasons. This month I was only able to write seven and a half pages for my main WIP (featuring Lily Gunn). I’m afraid I was just very busy with school (two assignments, and lots and lots of  homework), and other commitments (youth group, after school activities). However, I mentioned in a previous blog, I am very pleased to see hits to the blog. Yay!

Lily Gunn:
Current Chapter in First Draft (Typed) Stage:
3/42 + finishing Ch. 2
Current Chapter in Edit Stage: None
Pages this Month: 7.5
Pages Overall: 12.5

Daniel Fox:
Current Story in Rough Draft Stage:
Current Story in Edit Stage: None

I didn’t work on a Daniel Fox short story this month. I’m letting the first one sit for a while before editing (and coming up with a new name), and I’m still thinking up a plan for the new one.

Now for the goals. I forgot to add some at the beginning of the month, so here are some for March:

  • Try to write at least 3 pages a week – maybe that will be easier to keep…
  • Complete homework on night it’s set, to give me more time to write
  • Get people to read my blog (one of my NY Resolutions)
  • Start either a new DF short story, or a police mystery

Well, hopefully, I can keep my goals.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


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